No Robocall Needed!

The Best Choice… If you like being lied to.

The Right Choice… If you enjoy not having transparency.

The Only Choice For Dearborn Heights… If you are still believing the Bull. 

Mayor Dan Paletko

(Assistant) is Working Hard (to make her boss look good)

Is Working Smart.

(to keep everything he does from our eyes) 

Working For You.

(to pay for his pension and salary while he stays in office.)



Mayor Dan Paletko continues to lead and make the right decisions that keep (his hand in our pockets) that keep Dearborn Heights on sound financial (looting) while maintaining a high level of city services citizens deserve and expect. (to have to pay for)

When most Michigan communities slashed vital services to balance their budgets. Dan (got the Headlee Override) used his experience as a CPA (to move numbers from one column to another column) to maintain all the services residents rely on.

Paletko made the smart choices (Scaring the residents) to keep our residents safe and secure. Dearborn Heights has one of the lowest tax rates in Southeast Michigan (If you want to believe the political spin) and the finest Fire and Police Departments in the state. (Thanks to the taxpaying residents.)

 That’s why he wanted to outsource our 911 dispatch right to slash wasteful spending. With the money he was supposed to save and didn’t he was going to give raises to his department heads. I guess 911 isn’t an essential city service.

 What changes? We don’t have LED lighting in the City that would save money. Health Care okay if he say’s so. Liability insurance…Hard not to save money when you don’t compensate flood victims. emergency equipment…Grant money that the fire department applied for and received for a new fire truck, not Dan.

Yes someone in his office applied for a grant to buy the homes on Hanover…That took a decade.

Yes after taking the idea from former Councilwoman Janet Badalow when she ran for Mayor. Thank you, Janet Badalow for taking care of that for us. If not for you things would still be as they were.

Now that it’s an election year and Ford Motor Company is coming to the area Dan after a decade of ignoring that he even had a Van Born Corridor he’s going to revitalize.

Saying one thing behind closed doors and something else to the public. As said at the LWV City Council Candidate forum by Council Chair Bob Constan it will be partially developed. That isn’t saving the wetlands and floodplain. That’s doing just what you said you were going to do with it at a school board meeting behind closed doors and at closed session council meetings.



What’s A Little Development Amongst Friends?

During the League of Woman Candidate forum, Councilman Bob Constan said that a portion of the Warren Valley Golf Course was going to be developed. Oh but hang on a minute wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago when the City Council was voting for this the Mayor said he wasn’t going to develop it if the City bought the golf course.

This is what happens when such a very important subject is discussed in closed sessions. Yep, no public plan for what the Mayor want’s to do with the property when the City buys it. Well, just his verbal assurance that he’s not going to develop the property. Well not so fast because now you have a councilman saying that they will be developing a portion of it. With no language added to the agreement saying otherwise the Mayor can pretty much do whatever he likes, again no transparency. I’ve said from the beginning the Mayor was in favor of developing this property and I still believe that to be true. If he wasn’t he would have added stipulations on himself and any other Mayor to come that they can’t develop this land.

The Mayor say’s something and everyone is so overjoyed because he said what you wanted to hear but we all fail to realize there isn’t one thing binding him to the statement. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton tried to pass something to stop any development in the future but had no support for her resolution/motion. It’s all Talk and talk is just that talk and it’s cheap well for the Mayor it is anyway. It’s not going to cost him anything to develop a portion of this property, and if reelected who’s going to stop him? If Councilman Constan misspoke then he should write a press release stating as much.   Otherwise, if you want to make sure this property isn’t developed don’t vote for Dan Paletko for Mayor it’s the only way to make sure.

A Pile Of Contracts Left Unsigned Great Management Mr. Mayor.




If you haven’t watched the study session live Facebook Video please do before you read this.

You can watch it here

Many issues to discuss surrounding this so much exposed during this study session. A half piece of paper was the catalyst for the explosive exchanges. As I’m sure you saw and heard. No one willing to do any of the work first and foremost the Mayor who absolutely refuses to have anything to do with this form the clerk want’s filled out. It was brought to our attention that the City Clerk refuses to go to department head meetings every Monday saying that the agenda is already finished by that time. The Mayor saying that the council secretary can attend and have the forms filled out at that time. What is the real story here? Since elected to office the Clerk decided not to go to the department head meetings saying nothing happens there.

Council Chair who said he thinks the form will be helpful for their meetings and likes it. The Mayor say’s ‘good then you fill it out’ The Mayor who told Council Chair he should have contacted his office first before putting this on the agenda. No sorry, Mr. Mayor they don’t need to get your approval of what and what will not go on the Council agenda.  just in case you missed it Council Chair told the Mayor ‘I did call you and you didn’t return my call.’ Great leadership right? No, not so much. The clerk said that the administration is dysfunctional that nothing will ever get done until they work together. The Mayor wasn’t having any of that I guess he doesn’t want to work in harmony. The clerk can require this form to be filled out, but no one can make the Mayor do it.

The City Clerk said over and over that the council secretary is swamped and overworked and that was the reason he was doing this. For those of you who don’t know the secretary for the council works in the Clerks office, she is council secretary as well and is responsible for putting the agendas together. The council secretary is supposed to be doing most of her work for the council, but councilwoman Horvath pointed out at the end of the meeting that this isn’t the case anymore.  I just want everyone to understand I’m not against what the Clerk is proposing I agree it’s not his job to run around getting the right information for these agenda items. I all so think the total lack of coöperation from the Mayor’s office is disturbing and I’ll tell you why.

One of the most heated exchanges last night was between the Clerk and Councilman Berry. The Clerk as you saw showed a folder of unsigned or missing signatures for contracts. To that, Councilman Berry said how long have those been sitting like that? Clerk ‘I don’t know’ Berry, ‘Why don’t you know it’s your job to know’ Yes it’s true the City Clerk is the keeper of the records. What happened next was well you saw the Clerk pointed at Councilman Berry. Then Councilman Berry said don’t point your finger at me and I will take that finger and put it some place. Well, you saw what happened ugly, to say the least. Councilman Berry insisted on an answer why are you not doing your job? That brings me to this after the heated exchange the Clerk was able to say that these are just copies that the Mayor has all of these and knows very well what is missing. Now, how many times does the Clerk need to ask for this when signatures for certain members of the administration are needed on these contracts isn’t that the job of the Mayor to make sure they are signed?

Next, I would ask if the signatures are not on the contracts how are they being implemented? Are there laws being violated? Are the contracts even ligament if the council instructed via a vote to have the Mayor and whoever else sign the contract?  If I don’t sign a contract then that contract isn’t valid my signature isn’t there. How would a vendor be able to collect money from me if I didn’t sign the contract giving them the right to collect that money? What ordinances or contracts are in that file? How many vendors is the City doing business with now with contracts that are unsigned? This folk is a total breakdown in leadership it’s a total breakdown in the management of our City. This is a JOKE! For how long has this been going on? According to the Clerk six years. As you saw Councilman Abdallah said what we are talking about here is a half a piece of paper that the Clerk is asking to have filled out. The Mayor say’s that is an undue burden for him and his staff. Is it also Double Dipping Dan an undue burden to sign a contract? Is the ordinance that benefited yourself and allowed you to double dip not get signed? I bet that was signed the next day.

Are there any unsigned ordinances in that pile the City Clerk showed at the study session? Have there been tickets given to residents based on those unsigned ordinances? If a resident received a ticket on an unsigned ordinance what legal recourse if any do they have? You see Mr. Mayor while you are having a pissing contest with the City Clerk because you don’t like him your actions have consequences and open the door for someone like myself to ask these questions.