The Mayor Just Can’t Make Up His Mind On What He Want’s To Do With The Golf Course.

Last night at the Caroline Kennedy Library there was a meeting held by a group of people who are working to save Hines Park. The Mayor Councilmen Muscat, Abdallah, and Constan along with Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton and Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb were in attendance. You can watch the meeting thanks to Deb Brown who was there and did live Facebook. I watched in disgust and anger as our Mayor Double Dipping Dan did nothing, but spew lie after lie. It would be funny if this was some kind of comedy show on television, but it’s not.

The Mayor has taken so many positions on this all behind closed except one the face and position he put’s out to the public. The public position of the Mayor is ‘I’m going to save this land.’ Sure you are Mr. Mayor I would ask that those who confirmed what the Mayor said to the Crestwood School Board come forward and tell the public what you were told. Tell them what he wants to do with the land. Call him what he is because what he said on 4-18-2017 wasn’t the reason he was at the Crestwood School Board. No, he was there to let them know that he wants to make a New City Hall on that site and move all departments there and sell Canfield Center. This has been confirmed by three school board members who were in the room. #wedeservebetter