Just Say No To Ned Apigian Is Back.

I’m sorry folks but it’s true he’s back and running for City Council.

Running and according to Michigan Election Law is breaking the law. What’s a little law breaking in Dearborn Heights? #justsaynotoned is using his signs from his last run that say Re-Elect that’s a NO Ned take down your signs. There has been a call made to the Wayne County Clerk by those who are following up on this.

Old Orchard Pond Will The Mayor Ever Come Through?

Old Orchard Pond is it being used by the Mayor to get votes in the River Oaks area?


One year ago corporation counsel was to put together language to give to residents living at River Oaks subdivision concerning the Old Orchard Pond. That was then going to be given to all those residents who live in the River Oaks area to sign that they agree to have a special assessment added to their taxes to pay for the repair again of the Pond.

Here is what I’ve written in the past about this project.

Old Orchard Pond what should the city do. 

And This One

Now a year later and another meeting and nothing is given to the residents to enable them to collect signatures of those residents who are going to have this special assessment tax. The residents over at River Oaks should be up in arms at this point another year that they will have to live with the mosquitoes another year the pond isn’t going to be cleaned up. Why? Well, the Mayor who said that it was a top priority if this is how long it takes for a top priority we’re doomed folks. The association needs the language to collect the signatures it’s simple. Resident, if they agree with the special assessment tax (those who this pond is deeded too), would have to sign and those signatures would then from my understanding be brought to the council who then would vote on spending taxpayer money to clean this up and add the special assessment to all those living in the River Oaks subdivision.

The question I have is the Mayor just hanging on to this issue until election time is over? To try to gain votes from residents who live in the River Oaks subdivision in hopes that the Mayor will come through for them.

I say this it’s been a year if you want to be honest with yourselves it doesn’t take a year to get this done. Yet here we are a year later and nothing. Isn’t it good to know that this was a ‘top priority for the Mayor.’ For those of you in River Oaks ask that question when you go to vote. You keep voting for him as your Mayor and yet in last four years, it still wasn’t taken care of. Now it’s an election year and he’s going to make the same old promises he’s been making to you. If it’s me and I lived there I’d be walking door to door to elect someone else as your Mayor. That’s me and we all know how I feel about this man, but facts are facts and if you think it’s alright to be used and double talked too then, by all means, vote for him again.


Negative Campaign, Bashing, Political Spin.

I’ve been writing a series of post here on the Truth Page titled ‘What The Mayor Has Done To Our City’ some would say this is bashing others will say this is negative. I would say it’s neither. How can placing what the Mayor has done ‘his record’ at his feet be called bashing him? This being an election year these terms will get used over and over words like ‘bashing’ and ‘negative campaigning’ are terms I would say apply when lies are told about a candidate. Take for instance the Mayor at the last council meeting when answering a question about the 911 dispatch operator shortage. He hinted that he wanted to say something about that and that it wasn’t his fault. I think this subject is something the Mayor plans on blaming someone else for. When and if he does will this be bashing, lying, or negative campaigning? It will be all three and most of all it will be Political Spin.

In public relations and politics, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to persuade public opinion in favor or against some organization or public figure.

The Mayor will need to use a lot of negative campaigning, bashing, and political spin this election season. Let’s make sure that we know the truth before we fall for it.

Kenneth Paris a candidate for Dearborn’s City Council wrote this,

I strongly encourage all voters to perform their due diligence and check the qualifications and backgrounds of each candidate you choose to vote for.

My challenge to you is to see if your candidates are committed and able to start the work of the City on the first day they take office. Make sure that they are not dependent on a several year learning curve before they can perform competently as an elected official of our City. Dig into what the candidates stand for and have to say about actual issues that effect us, our community and our quality of life. See if they actually address, understand and speak intelligently about those various challenges and issues. Do your candidates actually have ideas of how to address those challenges and can they provide leadership based on a history of experience, knowledge and demonstrated abilities important to the position they seek? Can you rely on them to show respect and understanding for a diverse population of people and businesses needing City services? Do your candidates understand the importance of ethical administrative process and budgeting for the delivery of those services?