Just Say No To Ned Apigian Is Back.

I’m sorry folks but it’s true he’s back and running for City Council.

Running and according to Michigan Election Law is breaking the law. What’s a little law breaking in Dearborn Heights? #justsaynotoned is using his signs from his last run that say Re-Elect that’s a NO Ned take down your signs. There has been a call made to the Wayne County Clerk by those who are following up on this.


Just Say No To Ned Part Two

“Just say no to Ned Apigian” isn’t something that people should take lightly. Yes, we should just say no to Ned, but there is a reason for this. Did you experience flooding In August of 2014? If you did then you are one that should Just Say No To Ned. Ned Apigian had absolutely nothing to do with any of the thousands who flooded in 2014. No, he didn’t make a call on your behalf, he didn’t come visit one area of the City that was flooded. He didn’t even know that we flooded he said that publicly at a council meeting many people were sitting in the room when he did make that statement. He didn’t offer any assistance Ned Apigian didn’t go out of his way to find any assistance after the flood of 2014. So why would you re-elect Ned Apigian for another four years to Dearborn Heights City Council? If there is some reason we shouldn’t “Just Say No To Ned” please post it here.