Water Bills That Have Residents Shocked!

While residents of Dearborn Heights are opening their water bills and getting sticker shock. Some in the City are forgiven 14,000.00 for their water bill.

This from the last council meeting the City agrees to a little over $500.00 to make sure they can renue the business license for $250.00 and who’s going to pay the balance before the residents buy this property? Has the Mayor made sure that Wayne County pays the outstanding balance on this properties water bill before the taxpayers of Dearborn Heights pay for it? I doubt it concidering much of this deal was done behind closed doors. So while we are being squezzed for every last dime they it seams can do what ever they want.

This is what the water authority increased our rates by

The increase we will see is for 7% rejoice residents of Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko is taking such good care of us (NOT)

Decisions During an Election Year.

The last time the Mayor ran for reelection he said that he was going to update the City website. He didn’t none of us who heard what he said believed he would now three years later and up again for reelection the Mayor is going to update the City Website. The Mayor and his assistant have themselves selected a company that they feel should make a new city website. The Mayor and his assistant bring a company that didn’t bid on the job to the council for a vote. This is an election year we don’t know who our next Mayor is going to be I think this decision should be placed on the back burner until the election is over and we see just who is going to be our Mayor.

Companies should submit what they would offer the City and how much they would charge for this. This never came to the City Council for a vote to approve going out for bid.  Administrative assistant (Mayor’s Assistant) Laslo will be presenting this in a study session tonight May 2, 2017, if the council doesn’t like to be treated like a bunch of ‘nothings’ I would suggest that you simply tell the Mayor NO and send this out for bid. Better yet wouldn’t you all like to see who is going to be the Mayor come this November? Maybe we would like to see who our new council members are? Maybe you won’t be reelected Mr. Mayor and gee maybe the new Mayor has ideas of how they want the website laid out. Maybe Mr. Mayor the new council members would like to have the opportunity to weigh in on this very important decision. Maybe just maybe we the residents would like more than just the assistant making the decision for us. We all saw how well the Mayor and his assistant handled the Trash Can roll out.

A Larger Goal That Will Change Everything For So Many In This City.


The one thing we have to remember is we want a new Mayor and even when we may not be happy with one thing or another there is a much larger goal. This goal will change everything for everyone in this city.

Elections for Mayor in the past have found our Mayor either running unopposed or when he does have a candidate running against him he just uses that candidates ideas as his own. How do you think we got an ordinance department? You didn’t think that was his idea, did you? No, it wasn’t that wasn’t even on his radar. That was Janet Badalow’s idea when she ran against him.  As soon as it was made public the Mayor at the next council meeting announced he is going to restructure the ordinance department. He went on to lay out just what Janet Badalow said she would do if elected.  He copied her idea almost exactly.  When that happened Janet Badalow wasn’t able to come out to the public with all the ideas she had to change the City.

This is a problem for residents because you now have candidates that have fantastic plans for the City but will have to keep much of what they want to do under wraps. We do have, however, the Mayor’s record of what he’s done while he’s been in office. While he will hire his PR firm to make him look like the next coming or that he saved the City from disaster. We as voters need to keep in mind that He (Mayor Double Dipping Dan) didn’t save this City during the economic downturn. The residents did by giving him the Headlee Override money. I’m going to try and write about all of Mayor Dan Paletko’s record taking from past post and new unbelievable things this Mayor has done to his residents.

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