Sewage System Budget and Other Information.

Downriver Sewage Dispoal System Budget 2014

North Branch of the Ecorse Creek Drain Flood Control Study 2008



4 thoughts on “Sewage System Budget and Other Information.”

  1. Other cities are paying for this loan we are just one city paying. I read some of the agreement worried that not enough money is going to fixing the flood problem here in Dearborn Heights. I haven’t been through all of it so if anyone that has, would you please tell me if I’m right about that.


  2. Troy , January 15, 2015 at 10:00 pm, What the $180M loan is for, I taught it was to fix the Dearborn Heights flooding problem? and why the Dearborn Heights properties owners paying for that loan? why not other cities sharing the cost? Please explain? And who is the chairman of that board that approved this huge loan?


  3. Notice the Appendix E of the DSDS link. It sickens me to think that HRC did all of this reaching out to Tribes (see all of the letters to the different Tribes) to see if they were offended and did extremely little to engage the input of the residents that are paying for his loan. Come on – 3 people at the June 11th and July 11th meeting (see meeting sign in sheets after appendix E) and NONE of them were residents. Also note the page just after the beginning of Appendix E, where the Chairman of the Joint Management Committee (JMC is a oversight board of the DSDS) has so eloquently stated his support for this 180 Million Dollar Loan ($180,000,000) that ALL DH residents will be paying for, starting this month, for 20 YEARS! To bad we did not have this same eloquent and staunch support for fixing the NBECD problem. I guess the county is only interested in taking out loans in which they can use the money however they want. If indeed they would have taken out a loan to fix this drain, 8/11 would not be such a big deal. The problem with taking out a loan to fix a problem is that we would expect the problem to be fixed. In this case only 70 Million will be needed for fixing something. The rest are just monies that can be used to move around from County or City Department to department. Most will not even know that their taxes went up $42.47 a year and who is going to miss 42 dollars and 47 cents a year? Hopefully the readers of this are smart enough to see through the smoke and mirrors and will rise up to call this what it is, taxation with out true, honest representation.


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