A call to Action…

A call to Action from Lifetime Resident,

I think all of us and any others who feel there are some problems going on should try to formulate some concerted plan of action in order to confront these problems in an orderly manner at a future council meeting. Just complaining about it here will do nothing to resolve the issues.

As individuals, we can be easily blown off but as a group that won’t be so easy and if we protest long and loud enough at some point all parties concerned will have to take notice. As residents and taxpayers, we have the right to question and the responsibility to make sure our questions and concerns are addressed.

First off, I would suggest that we let as many people as possible know about the problems and ask them to come to this site AND to either attend the council meetings or at least watch them on tv.

Second, through this site, develop a motion we can present to the council and mayor.

Third, appoint one person to be the spokesperson, that way you won’t have a big group of people taking turns at the microphone to basically say the same thing. When it comes time for our spokesperson to speak we can all rise and/or stand behind the spokesperson while they are at the microphone.

Fourth, Common courtesy and being polite are of utmost importance. Half baked allegations, personal attacks, and gossip should be strictly forbidden. As Joe Friday from Dragnet would say (am I giving my age away or not!! LOL) “Just the facts, Ma’m”

Fifth, be as transparent at possible. Invite reporters from the Press and Guide to come to this site. It seems that only are elected official’s views were spoken to in the above P&G article.

The old cliche’ rings true. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. However, the squeaking must go beyond the range of just bitching about something on this website.


Making A New Department Head Position Mayors Executive Secretary.

From the Press and Guide concerning our pain

By Ben Baird, Press & Guide Newspapers

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — The City Council publicly discussed a position in the mayor’s office Nov. 24 that’s raised some concerns, but the mayor and city attorney said there’s been no wrongdoing.

Zouher Abdel-Hak first mentioned a secretary during the Oct. 13 council meeting that he believes was pre-selected to head a proposed Department of Mayoral Communications, which failed council approval due to lack of motion at the same meeting.

Mayor Dan Paletko said the purpose of the proposal was to establish a department head position, the mayor’s executive secretary. This would fill a current vacancy for a secretary on his staff, he said, a vacancy that will soon be posted. He said nobody was pre-selected for it because the position was intended to be competitive.

Councilwoman Marge Horvath asked Paletko if the secretary was still working for the city. She had asked before and gotten little response because the mayor cited a relation to an ongoing lawsuit.

The secretary is mentioned in the lawsuit filed on the behalf of Hassane Jamal, the former Community & Economic Development Department director. The lawsuit claims Jamal was fired from his position because he is an Arab American.

Paletko answered Horvath this time, and had Corporation Counsel Gary Miotke and Human Resources Director Elisabeth Sobota-Perry address any concerns. Between them they confirmed the secretary has been working in a temporary capacity since March.

Horvath said she understood the secretary was receiving full benefits despite her temporary position.

There are different classifications of temporary appointments, Miotke said. He said civil service temps who work fulltime could receive benefits.

Miotke said the city charter allows temporary appointments for six months, and while the person in question has been employed for longer, that’s because she’s had two appointments between different departments.

Read the rest here

People you are missing the point read again what she was hired for

Offer letter from Daniel S. Paletko (Mayor), and Elisabeth Sobota-Perry (Director) on February 25, 2009, reading from the letter.

The City of Dearborn Heights is pleased to offer you a job as a clerk-typist in the Community and Economic Development Neighborhood stabilization Program. As previously explained, this position is contingent upon the grant funds.

At this time we consider this a temporary full-time appointment. Under our Civil Service Rules & Regulations, you will need to be tested and interviewed for permanent placement.

This job offer will make you eligible to receive the following:

Read it all here

She was hired as you can see to the NSP program depending on funds, She has been moved to two different part-time positions with in the city. She is not being paid from the NSP program funds. With what funds is she being paid? She is in violation of her own job offer, an offer made to her by the Mayor.

She was hired read above as a Temporary full-time appointment to be tested, and so on for permanent placement. All of her benefits, and salary to come out of NSP, not from two different department, as stated in the Press and Guide, “and while the person in question has been employed for longer, that’s because she’s had two appointments between different departments.” What two dam departments, not one of which is the one she was hired to be in. What happened to her testing temp full-time or part-time she has to do testing, and mind you this person took a job that never was posted in clear violation of our city charter.

Why can I please know is not every single city council member asking, no demanding that this person be gone?, For haven’s  sake Liz Agius was the one who put the motion to hire two people right here look,

09-058    Motion by Councilwoman Agius, seconded by Councilman Brown, that the City Council concurs with and approves the addition of two full-time employees, at entry level pay of $25,000 plus benefits to administer the Community Development Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Grant funds, per Mayor Paletko, communication dated February 4, 2009.  The Administrative portion of the grant funds are to be used to pay these employees and said employees will be terminated once the grant funds have been exhausted.

Motion unanimously adopted.

Did anyone happen to notice that the head of the department didn’t ask for the two positions be made?  In our charter, it says that department heads will hire their own staff.

All of you voted on this, and not all are making sure that the same rules you laid out are being followed. This is, bothersome to me, and many others that are wondering why some of you, and you know who you are have said nothing? Does this mean you are ok with this? I am asking the question hope one of you will please answer it.

How About Conducting A Little Investigation?

From our city charter


The Council May subpoena witnesses, administer oath, and compel the production of books, papers, and other evidences needed to conduct formal investigations into the conduct of any department, office or officer of the City and make investigations as to malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, or irregularities in municipal affairs. Failure to obey such subpoena or to produce books, papers or other evidence as ordered under the provisions for this section shall constitute misconduct in office.

So council you have the power right here to conduct, an investigation right in our city charter, and I think it’s time you do so.

Full Charter