NSP Job Creation Date.

Here are the minutes from the city council meeting on 2-10-2009, this is when the city council voted to approve two positions to the NSP program. One position was given to the person that has been the object of discussion in the last 4 city council meetings, and still no straight answer.

09-058    Motion by Councilwoman Agius, seconded by Councilman Brown, that the City Council concurs with and approves the addition of two full-time employees, at entry-level pay of $25,000 plus benefits to administer the Community Development Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Grant funds, per Mayor Paletko, communication dated February 4, 2009.  The Administrative portion of the grant funds are to be used to pay these employees and said employees will be terminated once the grant funds have been exhausted.

Motion unanimously adopted.

Source: City of Dearborn Heights website

On the application for employment for this same person;

Position applied for filled in by applicant (Clerk-Community Development.

The date of this application is 2-2-09, signed, and dated by the applicant.

Offer letter from Daniel S. Paletko (Mayor), and Elisabeth Sobota-Perry (Director) on February 25, 2009, reading from the letter.

The City of Dearborn Heights is pleased to offer you a job as a clerk-typist in the Community and Economic Development Neighborhood stabilization Program. As previously explained, this position is contingent upon the grant funds.

At this time we consider this a temporary full-time appointment. Under our Civil Service Rules & Regulations, you will need to be tested and interviewed for permanent placement.

This job offer will make you eligible to receive the following:

Salary: Annual gross starting salary of $25,000 paid in bi-weekly installments by direct deposit

Longevity Pay: 2% after five years of service

Pension: Defined benefit plan, in which you would be vested after five years of service

Fringe Benefits (for which you would be eligible after 90 day)

Health, dental, vision, prescription, life and disability insurance

Sick leave

Vacation and personal days

Education assistance

Krystina Kramarz and I look forward to introducing you to the staff on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 12 p.m. you can check in at Mayor’s office that afternoon.

Now I did read here that the above program (NSP) is at this time being run by Krystina Kramarz. When this person was hired by the Mayor to be put in someone else department, she was not the head of this program. Krystina Kramarz is the assistant to the Mayor, and she works out of the Mayor’s office. From the minutes of the city council meeting you will see that the Mayor is the one who asked to have these two positions created for this program, not the head of the program,nor the head of the department she was hired to. You will all so see that (said employees will be terminated once the grant funds have been exhausted.)

This person was hired to be paid from grant funds from the NSP Program only, from what I see she has yet to work a day in the NSP program, when did she do her testing?, who is paying for her salary at this time? If she was only to be paid from NSP funds, then why are we paying for her?

Myself, and many others, are wondering why our Mayor is (hell-bent) on keeping this person? What benefit to the city is there in keeping this person? This person was hired as a (clerk), to a specific department, they never worked a day in that poison, or that department. This person has since been moved to a different department/job, with full benefits why? I would like to know how many applications are on file in the Human Resource Department?  Why the Mayor did not go to the many job applications there are to hire someone?

The Mayor did admit at the last city council meeting that this person was hired the wrong way when he said, that they would follow the appropriate procedure, what should have been followed. His words you can watch the council meeting, and hear it for yourself.

Corporate Counsel would like to say that they are following the rules, but if you look at the job offer given to this person it say’s they will still have to be tested.  As of this day they have not done testing, and I say this because it has been asked by city council members, and the question never is answered which leaves me, and others to believe this person has never done the testing. I think the Mayor, and the (Mayor’s counsel) should look at the job offer that they gave this person. As for the creation of the new department to give this person that job at 50,000.00 no sorry 49,000.00 a year, if the Mayor did not make the suggestion to corporate counsel then I would ask who did, if a council member asked to have this department head job creation why? In what way would you think that this is appropriate solution, to spend more of our money. Why would you think that the Mayor needs someone to communicate for him?

To councilman Berry, I ask you, if you all agreed in close session to the creation of this (new department head position), why did you not bring the motion up for a vote at the time? The fact of the matter is just what councilwoman Badalow said the Mayor was trying to go around the city charter, and the voter’s of this city. This brings me back to the question, why? What does this person have to offer the city?  She’s that important to the city that our Mayor feels he has to create a new department just to keep her? Her 6 months is up, and she has been moved to a different department, she should be starting a new 6 months temporary position, but what department was she in for the first 6 months? (she is to be paid from NSP funds only.) See job offer above.

Is this person going to be moved from place to place until the Mayor can finally get his way?

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Lies, Lies, and More Lies…

Here we go, today in the Press and Guide Midweek Edition under the head -line, ‘Proposed city department creates drama.’

Mayor Dan Paletko Said “The purpose of the proposal was to establish a department head position,The Mayor executive secretary.” Oh, but Mr. Mayor may I just point out to you that on October 13th, 2009 item 9.F. according to the agenda, and the broadcasted city council meeting what was on the agenda was (From corporation counsel Matter Re: Establishment of department of Mayoral Communications.) As if that was not enough of a lie he goes on to say in the same article, that Miotke came up with the idea, and that he did not official concurred with the proposal. You had a closed section meeting, that you discussed this in, you said that on record, you did not get support for it then. Why if you didn’t agree with it did you leave it on the agenda? Why did you not in close session say that and remove it from the agenda? This was yours all the way you pushed it so you own it Mr. Mayor.

What kills me is what the Mayor is not telling us, 49,000.00 for just the department head, then they need two people t0 work for them, then add into that a car because they are a department head, expenses for seminars, lunch, meeting, and so on. How much will this new department really be costing the tax payers Mr. Mayor tell the truth?

Why after 5 years do you all at once  need a new department head now he is calling it executive sectary/communications director, you have no less than 3 part-time secretary’s, one full-time secretary, and an assistant. What opening are you talking about?

Mr. Mayor ends the interview by letting all of us good for nothing tax payer’s that dare to speak out. To all the city employee’s that showed anger at what he is trying to do by saying “the secretary” will be hired through the usual channels, and he is fine with that. The opening is already budgeted for, and the decision to hire is still ultimately his. So put that all of you in your pipe and smoke it. Basically, kiss his ass he is going to get the person he wants in no matter what. Mr. Mayor now there are people watching you and just waiting for you to make that move. All of the tax payer’s are watching, and last I looked we do have a human resource department that take’s care of the hiring for the city. Unless you would like to close that department, and do it yourself, you and your assistant to save the tax payer’s some money.

Who Is In Charge of the NSP Program?

Someone asked here if it’s true that the assistant to the Mayor is in charge of the NSP program in Dearborn Heights, this is taken from the official site of Dearborn Heights see here if you do not believe I copied and pasted from the web site, but you can see it for yourselves. Look at the bottom of the page who to contact if you have questions. The question I have is who was in charge of it before her, and why is she in charge of it now?

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) is a Federally Funded Program to help the City of Dearborn Heights, its residents and its future residents in providing help with home ownership and home and property maintenance.  In the next few months, the City of Dearborn Heights will be soliciting bids for various professionals to start this program.  This program will allow the City to buy abandoned or foreclosed properties, bring these properties up to code and then offering them at a very low rate to low-income families.

If you are interested in NSP, click here for more information. If you are looking to purchase a home, click here to fill out the form.

If you are looking to bid your services, please see below or click here .

If you are looking for help with your current finances, please see below.

The Misson of Peace is a non-profit organization that offers services to help families with financial services.  Credit Counseling is one of the many free services that the Mission of Peace provides.  For Credit Counseling or to help with your finances, please click here or you can contact the MIssion of Peace directly at 313-791-3497 or toll free at 1-866-674-0104 or 1-877-967-0140.

The Mission of Peace also helps families who are looking for low-income housing and home ownership.  If you are a member of a low-income household and would be interested in homeownership, please contact the Mission of Peace for its home ownership program at 313-791-3497 or toll free at 1-866-674-0104 or 1-877-0140 or click here for more information.

If you are looking for any additional information, please contact Krystina Kramarz in the Mayor’s Office at kkramarz@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us