What Happens If??

Question for anyone out there who can answer it. What happens if our 2nd in command assistant to the Mayor gets into a car accident, coming back from her second job while driving our city car? You can’t sit here and tell me if she had an accident they wouldn’t file a lawsuit against the city of Dearborn Heights. How many other city cars are used for personal business, or to go to a second job?  Who’s supposed to keep track of this kind of thing? Why is our second in command  doing this with-out not, one person saying a thing about it? Does she have a contract with the city entitling her to this perk? (not the car’ the use of it to go to her second job.)

Wish someone out there would take a stab at answering these questions for me thanks.

Restraining Motion Filed by Mayor..

These are just 3 pages from the restraining motion that the Mayor filed click on them to magnify them. There are several things that are not true in this motion, but most disturbing the fact that he is accusing the city council of excepting money from my Mr. Zouher Abdel-Hak, how could he put his name to such a lie? Out raged does not convey how I feel. I will write more later. This motion was denied by the judge

Notice: link to full motion, and law suite taken down, my readers are entitled to know why? I was asked to, and with much reservation, and none to happy about it have done so. I did express my reservations, to the people who asked me to do this.

Where is She?

Oh come on guy’s Where is she, is she still working for the city?  Well if you want to know where she is just poke your head in the Mayor’s office, and oh there she is working right there. Everyone knows she’s there, what they should ask is; Mr. Mayor is she still working in your office? The Mayor, and his non answers, Mr. Mayor is she still working for the city? Yes, she is, that is how he should have answered the questions simple to the point. He can never answer a direct question with a direct answer.  I would like to echo the words that someone I believe Mr. Berry said it was Maria while he was talking, “Bull Shit” I believe was the word used, I second that. This whole subject is Bull Shit, and then some, slowly painfully like pulling teeth we just might get to the bottom of this.