One Citizen Speaking Out.

One reader wrote to me here is what they had to say:

Is this the kind of mayor we need in our city, one who instead of having a firm plan of action to get us out of this economic mess, is now turning to telling jokes about the situation? This is very disturbing when a reporter thinks it’s important enough to write an article about it in the Dearborn-Dearborn Heights Times Herald for everyone to see. It sounds like to me the Mayor doesn’t know what he’s doing! There is nothing wrong with a little humor but there are times and places for jokes and THE STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!
Mayor Daniel Paletko likes to tell a good joke, which was apparent during last week’s State of the City address.

Running Total for 2009-2010

Here is the Running total for 2009-2010   the budget for just this company is 140,000.00 a year  have not been able to confirm this number.

Last Line of Defense..

Who are the tax payer’s last line of Defense? The city council is. Was sitting thinking about it today, after the city council meeting, and the city council really is our (the tax payer’s) last line of defense. Against wasteful spending, corruption, and violation of the city charter. Among so many other things. Even when an invoice may be approved by others, they are the last to put their approval on it before it gets paid.

Look forward to the year to see what is going to happen.