What The Mayor Has Done To Our City Part Three.

Mayor Dan Paletko Dearborn HeightsThe City of Dearborn Heights has been closed for one day a week for years now.  Mayor Dan Plaletko did this years ago during the economic downturn. When the Mayor needed to come before the residents of Dearborn Heights and ask them to vote to raise their taxes. There were several things Mayor Dan Paletko told the residents would happen in order to save money. The Mayor said there would be a 10% cut in pay for all department heads and they would be working on Fridays. He went to the union and asked them if they wanted to take the 10% cut or would they like to work one less day a week. They decided for working one less day a week.

What was said to the council was that we are going to close the city down one day a week. Council asked at that time can this be reversed if it doesn’t work out or if the residents don’t like it? To that question, the Mayor said yes of course. When weeks later than Council Chair Baron asked to have the City go back to a five-day work week he was told by the Mayor that this is now part of the union contract and is closed until 2017. This was never supposed to be part of a union contract. There wasn’t supposed to be any overtime and when asked by council members about the over time the Mayor said there isn’t any overtime. I wrote this in 2015,

How about that overtime? Well, the Building Maintenance department overtime numbers for 2014-2015 $82,164.00. The DPW overtime numbers for 2014-2015 $131,144.00. How’s that four-day work week working out for us? Have one of you sitting on that council even ask for documentation from the administration showing how much money the City saved over these past years of having only a four-day work week? I guess a better question would be.. did the administration even keep track of those numbers?  Did one of you look and compare overtime numbers for a five-day work week and a four-day work week. Is there even a way in the City to break down those numbers?  Have you all forgotten that the Mayor said over and over that there is NO OVERTIME! That was part of the deal you Mr. Mayor made with us residents and the Council I see as always you are holding up your end of the agreement. I thank you so much for again showing all of us what a great man you truly are.

City union workers were supposed to take one day a week off that would have put them at 32 hours a week. They are getting paid for 36 hours a week. We as residents were told that all department heads would be working on Fridays. That didn’t happen the Mayor his assistant and most department heads do not work on Fridays as was told to the taxpayers they would be.

The Headlee Override vote was an important vote. All residents should have voted on it, but they didn’t. As soon as the City got its money every promise made was soon forgotten. Ask your Council members when if ever did they sit with the administration? As they said they were going to.

In the same post, I wrote this,

Ground work  laid it was time to go to the residents and ask them for more money. Not an easy thing right?  The Headlee Override was the answer to the money problems for the City. Council approved it for the ballot, but the Mayor still needed to sell it to the residents. How did he do that? There’s  one steadfast group of voters in the City. Absentee voters made up of mostly seniors. What’s the first group of people the Mayor scared?  Well, the seniors of course and the council followed right in line. Well, not all there was that one who didn’t, but for those who know this subject you know who she is.  The Mayor and Council told residents the city was going to close the senior centers. Get rid of 50 yes 50 police officers. Then they started talking about the fire department and the cuts made there. If you’re a senior in the City. You’ve just been told that the centers you like so much are going to be shut down. Crime was on the rise then and you are no longer safe.  The fire/rescue that you might need if you have an emergency may be cut. In short people, they scared the pants off the largest bloc of voters in the city.

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There is more and you can find it if you like by doing a search here. Department heads have been given back their 10% the City is still closed one day a week. Overtime is still going on, the Mayor hasn’t shown one report not one sheet of paper showing what all of this has saved the City. Those who took the early outs and stayed working with the City well they are now getting checks for vacation days, sick days, and personal days, they didn’t take. This was afforded to them thanks to the Mayor. Yes even though they retired from the City they were still able to collect their unused days. Thanks, Mr. Mayor way to save us money and gee thanks for using that Headlee Override money with such care. The bottom line don’t be fooled the Mayor hasn’t been a good steward of our Tax Dollars.

Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton Live Facebook about 911 Outsourcing.

Why would a Mayor from another City need to come and sell you something? On April 4th the Mayor of Dearborn will be coming to meet with our City Council at 4:00 pm to sell them on the 911 outsourcing contract. Maybe I’m over suspicious but Mayor Dan Paletko (DDD) has had the contract from the City of Dearborn since the beginning of January. He has yet to give a copy to the council members for them to review it. Since last April when councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton brought this to our attention via a town hall meeting. Six City’s have now become three and one of those City’s isn’t going to pay a dime for five years. Our equipment is being sold to Dearborn for peanuts and we still haven’t paid it off. Without our equipment, the City of Dearborn will have to pay millions to get in compliance.

Since the signing of the letter of intent (councilwoman Hicks-Clayton) did not sign this. we have lost almost all of our dispatchers and the Mayor hasn’t replaced them hasn’t put out for the openings for someone to apply for the job. He’s using police officers on overtime to fill in and how much is this costing the taxpayers? Who knows. When Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton brought this concern up at the last city council meeting on 3-28-2017 she was told by Councilman Berry that this is normal. What part of this is normal? Does anyone else find it unusual that city council chair agreed to a study session at 4 pm to accommodate a salesman (be it the Mayor from another City?) For all intents and purposes, we are the customer here. Is this an attempt to make sure the public isn’t there? I dare say yes it is. Is it any surprise that council members haven’t been given a copy of the contract? No. The Mayor doesn’t want that to happen because that’s public information and we can ask for it.

Do any of you think the numbers are going to be the same? I don’t and if they are then something stinks the savings wouldn’t be the same because there aren’t six other cities on board with this. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton is going to be holding a live Facebook on this issue

This is the Live Facebook Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton did about this subject. Click on the image below to watch.


911 dispatch


We Have A Chance To Change Dearborn Heights.

For years I’ve listened to residents of Dearborn Heights talk about wanting a new Mayor. ‘If only someone would run against Mayor Dan Paletko.’ We’ve all watched as he’s given away our money closed our City down one day a week. Given back the 10% and still, our City is closed one day a week. Put his hands in every pocket of the residents of this City when took 3.8 million dollars when he overcharged us for the CSO. We watched him talk for years out of both sides of his mouth. We saw just how much he cared for the Disabled and the Seniors of this City when he rolled out our new garbage cans. We’ve seen him give himself his retirement and stay on as our Mayor thus earning the name ‘Double Dipping Dan.’

We all saw this man for a decade ignore the South End of the Dearborn Heights as if they are the ugly step child. Those who live on the South End of Dearborn Heights saw how he handled the Rat problem or should I say didn’t handle the Rat problem for over a year. We’ve all seen that he’s done nothing to improve the South End of Dearborn Heights. I’ve seen the comments here and on Facebook of just what he hasn’t done on the South End. We’ve seen the photos of properties left as blight and nothing being done about them. We’ve seen the photos of the homes with broken out windows, and gutters hanging off of them. We’ve seen the overgrown vegetation on various properties.

Again this year we are given the opportunity to vote for a new Mayor. We again have a very qualified candidate running for office. We if we really want a New Mayor do have a chance to vote one into office. Someone who has proven themselves to be with the residents. Someone who has a clear vision of what they would like to see our City With A Future become. Someone who’s been making a difference for all the years she’s been our City Councilwoman. Most of you know that I’m supporting Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton for Mayor. If you don’t know that well now you do I’ve not hidden this fact here on Facebook or on Twitter.

Running a campaign cost money the Mayor has always had plenty of that and this time around is no different. Last year the Mayor cleaned out his campaign fund and prepaid for this election. He sent Main Street Media over $20,000.00 to fight whoever the candidate was going to be running against him. Just who are these people our Mayor has hired?

Former state rep candidate gets lopsided settlement in defamation lawsuit

Strategist agrees to apologize for robocall against Macomb politician accused of taking ‘dirty pictures’

This is who Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton is up against a war chest of over $20,000.00 and I’m sure more by the time the Mayor gets done with his fund-raising. So what are we going to do? Well, give money to her campaign a campaign cost money. Her campaign literature must be designed, printed and mailed out. She has to buy yard signs, She has to send out at least two mailings and that’s just for the August primary. There’s still the general election what about literature for door walking.

Donate Button

The button here will take you to PayPal where you can contribute to a campaign that has our the residents best interest first and foremost. She will need volunteers to help with the campaign. There are many ways you can help the campaign if you click here and fill out the form with how you can help.

No one likes to ask for money most people don’t feel right about it there is just something that goes against the way we are as a society not to ask. Candidates hold fundraisers to raise the funds to run their campaigns, but not everyone can get to a fundraiser. They hope that people believe in them enough to contribute to their effort.  My hope is that you will read this share it and contribute to the election of a Mayor that We Do Deserve to have. My hope is that those of you who have been waiting for the chance to elect a new Mayor are going to give your money, your vote, and your time. We as residents either put up or shut up once and for all I know it’s harsh, but this isn’t the time to mince words. She’s been there for us for years it’s time that we are there for her. If we aren’t going to come through for her then we should all just shut up and put up with what we have now for our Mayor.