Real Results That Make a Difference or Do They?

This is just one section of the new door literature Dan Paletko is having delivered door to door throughout the City of Dearborn Heights. Let’s take a look at just this segment.

‘Make a Difference’, but for who?

Not for the taxpayers who are paying to keep our City on sound financial footing.

Dan Paletko didn’t have to make a tough decision during difficult economic times.

The Residents did when they voted to pass the Headlee Override giving Dan over 3 million dollars that he could work with…His reckless spending is what put us in those ‘difficult economic times’ To start with.

Dan Paletko is sure keeping our high level of City services…Right over to the City of Dearborn.

Dan Paletko over a year ago decided he wanted to move our 911 dispatch operators over to the City of Dearborn not for free and not as partners but as customers. He decided that it would be a good idea to give our equipment to them (equipment we are still paying on) one of the main reasons residents agreed on the Headlee Override was to keep our first responders guess 911 isn’t important to Dan Paletko not enough to want to keep it here and keep us safe anyway.

In January of this year, Dan Paletko received the 911 dispatch contract from the City of Dearborn. He announced to the City Council that he wanted to review it and then sent it over to the City attorney’s who until today are reviewing it. Council members have never seen the 911 dispatch contract from the City of Dearborn. Not a surprise really it’s an election year.  

We the taxpayers, not Dan Paletko ‘Made the Difference,’ but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a campaign.

Want to see another example of Dan Paletko and his ‘Real Results That Make A Difference?’

Canfield Ice Arena Condemned by our own City.

left since 2006 without any inspections. Leased without a certificate of occupancy. A public building hosting events and only one viable exit because the fire exit was rusted shut. Children from Crestwood School testing in this facility put at risk year after year all while Mayor Dan Paletko was getting ‘Real Results That Make A Difference.’

Headlee Override by the numbers from 2012 to 2016



It’s Time Dearborn Heights.

Tonight was special maybe it’s because I’ve known him since he was in middle school or maybe it’s because so many of the young professionals I saw in that room I’ve known since they were in elementary or middle school whatever the reason tonight was special. Tonight was the campaign kickoff for Mo Baydoun who is running for Dearborn Heights City Council. I pulled into the parking lot at 6:15 pm the event started at 6:00 pm the parking lot was packed. After driving around the parking lot three times I found a spot. The room was packed and more were coming and what was most impressive was the room was full of young professionals all there to support their friend. Rightly so Mo Baydoun has got one of those personalities you just can’t help, but smile when he starts talking.  So much passion and so sincere with the drive to make this City better then it is now.

I’ve waited a long time to see a young professional run for City Council. I’ve said for years we need someone who is young someone who can relate to the young professionals in our City. Someone who understands what they are looking for in a City that they would like to call home and start a family with.  I didn’t just want any young professional to run nor would I just support anyone because they are young and sorely needed on our City Council.

Throughout my last few years I have grounded myself in building a foundation based off of the merits of education and compassion. Educated in the laws of our great country and more specifically our beloved city. However, even more, compassionate to the community it holds. Throughout this course I worked relentlessly to pave a road that would ultimately lead me to the position I seek today. Brick by brick through adversity and hardships many can relate to, we have finally arrived to our next stop. City council is an essential position to strengthening our community, and it is here I’d like to start. However, this is a community effort and my desire is for our voices to echo as one. There is no me without you.” – Mo Baydoun

Over the years I’ve gone to many campaign fundraisers and kickoffs I’ve never written about one of them here. Not because I didn’t support that person’s effort, but tonight was different. Tonight when talking with those of the same age as myself ‘older.’ I kept hearing the same thing “it’s exciting”, “it’s impressive”, “they are going to do good things.” I had someone tell me that they are so happy to see that the young professionals are now stepping up to take their place in the City. It’s time Dearborn Heights to put a young professional on our City Council we ask them to get involved he is and so are all of those that were in the room tonight. Let’s show them we support them we can’t just ask them to do it and when someone does we turn our backs on them. It’s Time.

Mo is Currently a business Manager, has government experience, Educated at U of M, Wayne State University and Graduated with a “MASTERS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION” from CMU.

#MoB4DHC #it’stime

I’d all so like to say something about another candidate for City Council I got to meet tonight. Jeff Mallad and was impressed with this man very well spoken and I was impressed with what he had to say. Please take a minute to visit his website link is above. I really think we are lucky this election season to have so many qualified candidates running for office. Bill Bazzi another well-qualified candidate you can visit his Facebook page here I will post a full list of Candidates websites/Facebook pages as I get them.