One Park Closed and The Other A Mess…Mayor Paletko is doing a Fine Job!

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I have nothing else to say I’ve said it all over eight years either you want to do something about this or you don’t. November 7th is the day you can do something and vote Dan Paletko out of office. If you stay home or decide to vote for him again then this is what you have to look forward to. He’s had a decade to change things in our city. He hasn’t he’s made them worse if this is fine with you then what is there to say?


We Needed a Change in 2013. What We Need In 2017 Is To Take Back Our City. 

#TOCB (Take Our City Back) because I feel that the city hasn’t been in the hands of the residents since Dan Paletko became Mayor. I’ve watched since Paletko was elected to office and with a majority of Council members in lock step with him have taken our City away from us ‘the residents of Dearborn Heights.’

Over the years residents who have asked begged or demanded change in our city have been called Give me, Give me people, Whiners, complainers, that group of people and much more. Over time the residents of Dearborn Heights have been ignored so much that they stopped caring about their City. They stopped voting believing that no matter what they do nothing will ever get better. You just look at the post on Facebook and right here most say the same ‘It doesn’t matter they never do what we ask them to.’ Ignore and say No long enough the people will lose faith in those that they have elected. The Mayor has done that here in Dearborn Heights he has made sure with a nod and a wink to his department heads that you don’t have to do what the people want they don’t matter. The Mayor and his ‘Yes’ votes on the council have made sure to sideline the residents and what they’ve asked for. It’s such a simple thing just ignore what they are asking for and in time they will go away. That is just what happened, for the most part, residents have gone away. They don’t get involved in the City residents don’t go to council meetings… Why would you? If you are going to get insulted while you are trying to bring something to their attention.

Oh I know we elect and we pay, but that doesn’t mean anything in Dearborn Heights. The numbers on an election day bear witness to the fact that residents don’t vote in large enough numbers to make them listen. That is just what the Mayor and several on the council have counted on for years. This election is set to go the same way that all the rest have gone unless we the majority in Dearborn Heights get out and vote to make the change we so desperately need. That is why I came up with ‘Take Our City Back’ that’s how I feel I pay my taxes, I pay for those who are working for the City. I pay the salary of those who are elected to office. Yet we the majority hold no power what so ever. I want to take our City back from those who don’t care to take back from those who have for so long ignored what we’ve been asking for. Take back our City from an administration who has gone unchecked for years. Take Back Our City from a Mayor who has taken advantage of all of us. Just think about it for a moment residents out of frustration and being ignored have decided to ‘check out’ of the process by doing that the Mayor has gotten away with so much. He came up with an ordinance that let him retire from our City stay in office and now is running for reelection. That gave him the right to take his salary and his pension (that he earned) and if elected again he will collect both as he is now.

Who was paying attention to put pressure on the pension board not to give him a pension based on over 25 years on the council at his salary as a Mayor? No one. Who was shouting that he had a separation of service for over 6 months and wasn’t entitled to collect a pension based on a Mayor’s salary? No one. That’s our money paying for it you would think we should have said something right?  Now the Mayor gets his pension based on calculations of over 25 years of service at a Mayor’s salary. Instead of a pension based on a council salary for 20 years or more. He hasn’t been Mayor for over 25 years yet he’s gotten a pension based on that salary. Click here for something interesting

This is what I wrote back in 2013 during that election The Taxpayers are the Backup Plan for the Mayor..

This past October I wrote this,

When I first got wind of this months ago I was livid I can honestly say I couldn’t stand the fact that this man our Mayor was even considering this. This subject is now public now that it’s come up at an open study session. My anger on this subject was purely personal I don’t like the Mayor I don’t think he’s done a good job for this City. I don’t think Mayor Dan Paletko has been transparent. I don’t think that Mayor Dan Paletko gives a *&^% for the residents. This way of thinking skewed my thought process on this subject I fully admit it. Plain and simple I don’t want him to get away with anything I just want one time for us the residents to have a win. I as a resident I can say this I believe that the only way we are going to have a true win will be 2017 when we all stand together and vote Mayor Dan Paletko out of office.  No matter what our City Council decides to do we can have the last say in 2017 remember that and let’s get it done. Read the full post

This is just one thing just one subject it’s more than just ‘we need a change’ it’s moved way beyond that now. We needed a change in 2013 what we need in 2017 is to Take Back Our City.

The Power Of The Vote Is Real.

Most residents live in the City of Dearborn Heights going about their day’s not paying much attention to what is going on in the City they live in. That is how it is nation wide and our City isn’t different.

The City of Dearborn Heights has a bloc of voters 2,400 strong who are deciding how you should live. This bloc of voters decided for the rest of us just by the sheer number of votes they cast each election who should run the City you live in.  The City of Dearborn Heights reflects the majority of those who Vote. Majority rules and they have been for decades. Their interest might not be your interest, but the only way those running for office are going to know that; is if you go to a poll and vote. I’m not saying this bloc of voters is wrong for what they are doing I’m just pointing out a fact. It’s very clear that unless the rest of us don’t get off our you know what’s and get to a poll and vote we will get the same result this election season. While more than 50% voted for someone else besides the Mayor. The number of voters who came to the polls to vote during the primary is not enough to offset the bloc of 2,400 voters. This block of voters will decide again, for you, unless you want to make sure you do everything you can to make your voice heard.

The power you hold with your vote is real but only if you use it. The more who get to a poll and use that power and vote the better our city is for it. When you voice your position about our city with your vote those running for office pay attention. How do you think this bloc of voters 2,400 strong got the power in the first place? They voted and made those running for office notice them it works and has been for years. I’m not trying to pit us against them I’m just trying to make sure you have a say in what you want for the city you call home. That is unless no matter where you live in the city you are happy with Rats, Blight, Crime, Parks closed or parks that are in disarray, and condemned city owned buildings… Then I guess you will just stay at home on election day.

You can post on social media, call city hall every day, call different departments of the city and file a complaint. You can howl at the moon, but unless you vote and they know you vote they are comfortable in the knowledge that they don’t have to listen.  For $25.00 you can get a list of who voted from the clerk’s office. Those running for office if they are running a campaign that is worth anything have already gotten that list from this last primary. Campaigns get the list of those who vote AV and those who vote at the polls. They look at each precinct see the numbers and they know where they need to go. That’s the beauty of elections that’s the power of your vote when combined with others to create numbers. Those numbers make a bloc of voters that makes candidates pay attention you now have power. The power of the vote is real but only if you vote.