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7 thoughts on “Commenting Rules”

  1. Thanks for the clarification, and yes, I did follow the ‘truth page”, but , as you related, it got very ‘messy’…. I own a home in Dearborn Hts, and go way back to when Dearborn Hts was farms…etc etc. It is very irksome, and perhaps it is the straight talk of ‘Trump’ that is infectious, but taxpaying residents need to be a little more ‘pro-active’

    Sure , you don’t want to be sued, but that is a minor inconvenience, anyone can sue anyone else over any issue….however, if it is slander that they are suing about, they have to prove it. or lose and pay your court costs. Most hope the initial filing of a lawsuit will intimidate one to back off. Intimidation is common in the insurance industry. The sales folk tout their wonderful policy, but when you have a claim, and insurance folk in the know will back me up, the immediate response, in most cases , is to deny it. One third say ok, and walk away. Another third will persist, and a small amount will be paid. The last group will not stop for nothing , and , after a year or so, get paid in full….Which third do you fit in when it comes to intimidation and perseverance? Hint…I am the latter.

    My point is we need to make the issue more ‘public’, more embarrassing, so the dumpster in question will be taken care of properly, or the business moves. As mentioned, I run a business…no one wants bad press…no matter what the service offered. I also know, that given enough pressure to city officials and the business, either the business will complain to the city, and be reprimanded, or the city will ‘clamp down’ on the business, and no business that I know has ever successfully ‘buffaloed’ a city determined to get it’s way. Not in Dearborn or Livonia to my knowledge, although , who knows what lurks in the hearts of public officials??


  2. Lee
    I do not own the dumpster in question and the reason for the rules on this blog is what happened on this blog when it was the Truth Page. The endless attacks with no one trying to find any solution to anything. The blog at that time was used to go after the only council member that we have sitting trying to do something for us. For six years I allowed anything and everything to get posted on the Truth page except people’s private lives. I was sued because of this blog so I decided to try a different way with the residents and the administration. The administration doesn’t listen to us no matter what we try, but the residents just might start to come around and try to make a difference in Dearborn Heights. With this past election and two new council members, things are going to change. It is the intention of this blog and those that admin and write here to post and keep posting about what is wrong with this City until it’s changed. If you were here when it was the Truth Page all those post have been made private you will know all of what I wrote about. As for Blight I wrote about that six years ago here also marked private. That was one of my very first post. Done in an effort to hit the administration over the head it did nothing. We are still talking about it six years later. With some of the very same homes talked about then still in discussion today. I have called the shots here for six years and now do with three other people I’ve paid for the right to call the shots thank you very much.


  3. Magnus, looks like the vote went your way….this site is only valid if residents use it, look at the dates on the three comments …..ancient…..By the way, “Make a Difference’ sometimes happens with a polite nudge with someone who does not really know…but often , that person causing a problem with an overflowing dumpster causing rat issues just does not care, and needs to be hit on the head ‘verbally’ to wake them up…this site and the rules make that effort rather hard, especially as the moderator calls all the shots, and ‘may own the dumpster’ in question….Speculation? Yep! Only comments will tell the true story……..


  4. The way you can take care of this bad situation and the foolish people we have on the council is by voting. Did you know that Kosinski is running again? This is sort of like when he took up so much time at a council meeting with the “invoice” situation. He said – I’ve got years of experience – as he continued to take up time talking about the invoices we received and how was anyone checking them, blah, blah, blah. The more he talked the more most of us listening realized he didn’t know what he was talking about and his “years of experience” certainly wasn’t in the Accounts Payable/Receivable Department. Too bad we don’t have more qualified people running for office. Marge, Joe, and Tom are running and Janet’s seat will be available too because when she wins the Mayoral race, her seat will have to be filled. We only have two new people running who are Lisa Farrens and Bob Constan. As far as I’m concerned, those two will replace two on the council who no longer need to be there and bring absolutely nothing to the table. I know there’s more than two that need to be replaced; as a matter of fact, we need a new mayor AND a whole new council.


  5. Reading the Press and Guide this Sunday, I found the article “Council discusses several possible measures during study session” very disturbing.

    The article talks about how Janet Badalow brought up updating the city website and including videos of the city council meetings. Personally I think this is a great idea.

    City councilman Kosinski then goes on to say that many residents are older and likely don’t use computers that often…is he serious?
    He also says that before we spend any money we need to find out if it is only going to be used by high tech people.
    Is this guy for real!!

    First of all according to Sperlings Best Places (a website that gives demographics on cities) Dearborn Heights median age is 38.2 compared to the US median which is 37.2.
    Second, talk about labeling older people by assuming they cant use a computer…I wonder what Grandma Suzanne or Anxious thinks about this.
    Third, calling computer users High Tech People is a joke. The schools require kids in elementary school to do computer work as early as third grade.
    Does Kosinski realize how ignorant he sounds by making comments like this?? I thought this was a City with a future…but Kosinski thinks people who use computers are HIGH TECH PEOPLE. The thought of someone having a smart phone must really blow his mind huh???

    What century is this guy living in, and why is someone so out of touch making important decisions in our city??

    Later in the article Ned Apigian (another genius) brings up his great idea of paying residents $50 to report Ordinance violations on their neighbors. WHAT!!!!!!!??????
    At least Ken Baron (who usually has no spine) Tells Ned his idea is “not realistic” and asks him “do you know how many problems you would cause among neighbors?”
    Geeze Ned, I guess you have to go back to the drawing board on this brilliant plan huh???

    This is our city council folks, and this is how they think. If these out of touch knuckleheads are the best our city can elect to be on our council and make important decision for us then we are really screwed.


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