No Robocall Needed!

The Best Choice… If you like being lied to.

The Right Choice… If you enjoy not having transparency.

The Only Choice For Dearborn Heights… If you are still believing the Bull. 

Mayor Dan Paletko

(Assistant) is Working Hard (to make her boss look good)

Is Working Smart.

(to keep everything he does from our eyes) 

Working For You.

(to pay for his pension and salary while he stays in office.)



Mayor Dan Paletko continues to lead and make the right decisions that keep (his hand in our pockets) that keep Dearborn Heights on sound financial (looting) while maintaining a high level of city services citizens deserve and expect. (to have to pay for)

When most Michigan communities slashed vital services to balance their budgets. Dan (got the Headlee Override) used his experience as a CPA (to move numbers from one column to another column) to maintain all the services residents rely on.

Paletko made the smart choices (Scaring the residents) to keep our residents safe and secure. Dearborn Heights has one of the lowest tax rates in Southeast Michigan (If you want to believe the political spin) and the finest Fire and Police Departments in the state. (Thanks to the taxpaying residents.)

 That’s why he wanted to outsource our 911 dispatch right to slash wasteful spending. With the money he was supposed to save and didn’t he was going to give raises to his department heads. I guess 911 isn’t an essential city service.

 What changes? We don’t have LED lighting in the City that would save money. Health Care okay if he say’s so. Liability insurance…Hard not to save money when you don’t compensate flood victims. emergency equipment…Grant money that the fire department applied for and received for a new fire truck, not Dan.

Yes someone in his office applied for a grant to buy the homes on Hanover…That took a decade.

Yes after taking the idea from former Councilwoman Janet Badalow when she ran for Mayor. Thank you, Janet Badalow for taking care of that for us. If not for you things would still be as they were.

Now that it’s an election year and Ford Motor Company is coming to the area Dan after a decade of ignoring that he even had a Van Born Corridor he’s going to revitalize.

Saying one thing behind closed doors and something else to the public. As said at the LWV City Council Candidate forum by Council Chair Bob Constan it will be partially developed. That isn’t saving the wetlands and floodplain. That’s doing just what you said you were going to do with it at a school board meeting behind closed doors and at closed session council meetings.



Nothing Can Stand On A Bad Foundation…

The other day I’m talking with someone who said  “Kathy how many times do you think these homes can keep flooding before the foundation is compromised?” Now I know that one council member lost their home this past August from the flood waters. Yep, the foundation collapsed, whole house gone. I have no idea how many times this house has flooded over the years, but talking with this man got me to thinking. How many times can a home flood before the foundation of these homes might be compromised? Some of these homes flood every time there’s a large rain event. Some homes flood all the time, but at what point does the City have to say enough and do something about it. I was told by someone about 5 years ago that they heard of homes on the South End of Dearborn Heights that are shifting ever so slightly every year because of the flooding. Is this true? I don’t know. When has the City ever done a study on the foundation of the homes in the South End of town? Has the City ever even taken an interest the structural damage that these homes might have? I hope the people affected every year by flood waters will take action and keep up the pressure on the administration of Dearborn Heights City.   This year the City has to  take action on the subject of flooding in our City.

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