Candidates for Dearborn Heights City Council Shouldn’t Be Considered For Councilman Berry’s Vacated Seat.

Why? Today is May, 17th 2017 the primary election is August 8th, 2017 think about that. If someone who is running for City Council is appointed to the vacated seat of councilman Berry that in my opinion would give them an unfair advantage. How you ask is that an advantage? Just think back to

(Tested and Rejected Ned Apigian)

He was appointed and then ran for the seat granted further out than this but what do you think he put on his campaign literature? ” Retain Councilman Apigian.”  How’d that work out for us?  Yep; someone who is running for a seat on the council if appointed would then get the title Councilman or Councilwoman. and use that in campaign literature and on social media. This would happen less than three months away from the primary election. While Councilman Berry stated in his letter ‘effective immediately’  does the Council have to accept that? They can vote to make it effective 12-31-2017 and if the Councilman can’t attend the meetings so be it. The Council ‘shall appoint’ according to the City charter it doesn’t state when and it doesn’t state there can’t be exclusions. Maybe something like ‘Anyone now on the ballot for the City Council election will not be considered for the council appointment.’

Shouldn’t the voters be considered? why can’t we decide? Shouldn’t there be a sense of fairness during this process? I for one would not take kindly to anyone who is on the ballot now going for this appointment. No. As a matter of fact, I would be inclined to do just the opposite and make sure I evened the scales. Might I suggest you appoint someone who isn’t on the ballot someone who can fill the seat until December 31st, 2017 and thank them for their service? I would ask that those of you who are on the ballot please don’t put your name in for consideration. If any of you are already lobbying for this position please stop and go through the election process and let the voters decide. Yes, you will still have to go through an election, but if appointed you will have an unfair advantage and I just think it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. This is up to each of you to decide for yourselves and for the council to decide how to go forward. I’m after all just one person with an opinion. Many of you might not like it I understand. I hope all of you those running for City Council, and those who are on council will give what I’ve said some real consideration.

City Didnt Sign A New Lease Agreement for Canfield Arena.

Is it any wonder that the company leasing the Canfield Arena hasnt paid rent since August of 2016 they didn’t have a lease with the City. 😳


Who’s The Slum Lord Now?

canfield ice arenaLast night May 10, 2017, at the City Council meeting we learned that the Canfield Ice Arena hasn’t been inspected since 2006 the Ice Arena was condemned by the Fire Marshal May 3rd and condemned by the building department on May 1st. City council members weren’t told of the building being condemned at the May 2nd study session. They were only told that the company leasing the property from us hadn’t paid since August of 2016.

What started this? The Ice Arena was set to have the circus coming yep School District 7 was renting the arena to have the circus there. The Fire Marshal found there was only one viable exit in the building apparently the other exit door didn’t open. I’ve all so heard that the building has electrical problems could these electrical “problems” have caused a fire? How long has there been only one exit from this City building? We will never know because the City hasn’t inspected that property since 2006 putting how many people at risk who were working and attending events here?  Yet in 2015 the arena underwent a conversion from a traditional ice arena to an in-line skating/hockey arena along with a host of other improvements.

Who’s a ‘slumlord now’ Mr. Mayor?

A slumlord (or slum landlord) is a derogatory term for a landlord, generally an absentee landlord with more than one property, who attempts to maximize profit by minimizing spending on property maintenance.

Is it any wonder our City looks the way it does when you have a Mayor that doesn’t care for the City’s own properties allowing this property to get so bad that it’s condemned. While other rental properties are inspected or they’re supposed to be every three years. Are they? This makes me wonder how many never get looked at. If our own property didn’t have a CofO before it was rented how many other properties are there without a certificate of occupancy?

What do I need to license my business in the City?

In order for a business license to be issued, water and personal property tax bills must be current with the City.  In addition,  you must have a valid Certificate of Occupancy for the building in which you are operating the business. This is from the City of Dearborn Heights website. 

How many other City-owned buildings aren’t taken care of how many of those buildings are putting people’s lives at risk? When if ever are those buildings inspected? Based on the maintenance record or the lack of for the Canfield Ice Arena I think we should all be asking this question? The Mayor it seems takes little if any pride in the City he is Mayor of if he did he would never let one of our properties get in this condition. If he did have pride in our City he would follow the very laws of the City he’s the Mayor of. How many violations have been given out since 2006? How many Certificate of Occupancy have been denied by our Building Department since 2006? On top of all of this corporation counsel wants to pursue going after the nonpayment of rent. This will cost the City more then what we are going to get from this company and I wonder will this company turn around and sue the City for renting out a property that hasn’t met the City’s own laws?