Just Say No To Ned Apigian Is Back.

I’m sorry folks but it’s true he’s back and running for City Council.

Running and according to Michigan Election Law is breaking the law. What’s a little law breaking in Dearborn Heights? #justsaynotoned is using his signs from his last run that say Re-Elect that’s a NO Ned take down your signs. There has been a call made to the Wayne County Clerk by those who are following up on this.

Water Bills That Have Residents Shocked!

While residents of Dearborn Heights are opening their water bills and getting sticker shock. Some in the City are forgiven 14,000.00 for their water bill.

This from the last council meeting the City agrees to a little over $500.00 to make sure they can renue the business license for $250.00 and who’s going to pay the balance before the residents buy this property? Has the Mayor made sure that Wayne County pays the outstanding balance on this properties water bill before the taxpayers of Dearborn Heights pay for it? I doubt it concidering much of this deal was done behind closed doors. So while we are being squezzed for every last dime they it seams can do what ever they want.

This is what the water authority increased our rates by

The increase we will see is for 7% rejoice residents of Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko is taking such good care of us (NOT)

What Do We Know?

There are 11 candidates running for Dearborn Heights City Council what do we know about where they stand on some of the very important issues in our City? I know it’s early or so everyone keeps saying but the primary election is August 8 and before you know it election day is here. On that day responsible voters will be going to the polls or already voted by absentee ballot. As responsible voters, we should know where any given candidate we are voting for stands on some major issues in the City. Here are just three issues in our City there’s much more and you if you decided to run know this or should. At some point, I want to hear from the candidates on these and other issues in our City.

  1. The outsourcing of 911 dispatch as a candidate are you for or against moving our 911 dispatch? Do you know the particulars around this issue?
  2. Warren Vally Golf Course what do you know about this subject? As a taxpayer do you think the City should buy this property? Why or why not?
  3. Old Orchard Pond (privately owned) do you agree or disagree that the City should pay for the clean-up of this pond? Have you followed this issue in the City?

These are just three issues that are in the City it’s up to each candidate to understand them and decide what side they stand on. If elected to a seat on the Council these issues will come before you to vote on. It’s important to understand the history of each of these subjects know the who, the how, and the why. There are back stories to everything in this City make it your business to know those stories. Make it your business to ask the questions. Do your research and most of all understand how the residents feel about these issues.