Rash Of Car Break-Ins Plaguing Dearborn Heights.

Dearborn Heights Police say this has been going on for two months. For the full story Click Here

While speeding in my area is a problem and I do appreciate the police sitting off John Daily to catch speeders. I would love to see the same effort given to this problem. Maybe if we had a Mayor in office that hasn’t turned our courts and our police department into a revenue generating department our property wouldn’t be at risk. It’s true catching thieves doesn’t generate revenue for the City and those traffic tickets are a large portion of his budget, but at what cost to us?

Above is from the 2017-2018 adopted budget to see the whole budget click here




1 thought on “Rash Of Car Break-Ins Plaguing Dearborn Heights.”

  1. Revenue is more important…..we are on a 4 day work week…….not because of lack of effort, but lack of revenue. Catching crooks costs money , court costs, feeding them , incarceration, etc so let the residents clean out their garages, have garage sales, and park the cars either inside, or, at the very least , in the driveway. Use the garage sale revenue to purchase……’Nest’ security cameras……here is a link….


    ‘Nest’ security cameras installed by residents can also document the thieves, and video can be posted on this and other sites. Once the miscreants are recognized by us, residents can contact the police and , provided with evidence on video, have them arrested..

    We need to work with the police, not expect them to do ‘everything’.
    Bottom line, we need the revenue…….traffic violators need to be controlled as well, and pay better….:}


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