One City United Against Mayor Dan Paletko.

The title of this blog post is from a commenter on Facebook on the Truth Page there. Yes, one city united against Mayor Dan Paletko As a whole, this Mayor has done very little for the residents of Dearborn Heights. Except take Headlee Override money (close to 15.5 million dollars from us) and then claims that he’s the ‘Wizard of finances’ and making a difference. When he makes the great claims he forgets to thank the residents who saved the City from his mismanagement of our City finances. Let’s not forget the millions in a rainy day fund that he dried out and put us million more in deficit… but he’s the Wizard of Finances.

Mayor Dan Paletko aka (Double Dipping Dan) Has taken 3.8 million dollars from the residents when he over captured CSO money for four years. Wouldn’t a CPA FINANCIAL WIZARD such as Mayor Dan Paletko have known he was taking money out of our pockets when he shouldn’t have been? He can only use this money for water-related bonds with mandated water-related projects coming up there’s little doubt where he will pay for those projects from. We will never get that money back money taken from us without our knowledge or permission.  Water rates that keep going up, closed-door meetings, last-minute contract signings. The secret deal made with another City only to find out that it wouldn’t save us any money. (911 dispatch) A city building condemned because it hadn’t been inspected since 2006.  A City Hall still not open 5 days a week. Contracts negotiated raises given to those in his inner circle and they still work only 4 days a week. Those employees not in the inner circle haven’t gotten their 10% back let alone a raise. Yet we the taxpayers are still paying the Headlee Override and he’s getting more money from that now than he did when it was first passed by the voters.

The Mayor brought you Rizzo who then was bought by GFL the company that is picking up our trash each week. A contract was given by the administration without letting the Council hearing from Waste Management. Who used to pick up our garbage. The Mayor again waited until the last-minute and then told the council if they didn’t vote for it the residents would be left with our trash not being picked up. Forcing again the City Council to a vote. To find out that there weren’t any provisions made in the contract for the disabled or senior residents who can’t handle those large cans.  The only thing the administration was and to my knowledge willing to do is to have you get doctors note and you can buy a smaller can, but only if you have a doctor’s note stating indeed you are disabled or a senior.

This is the same man who put together an ordinance that benefited himself and two others in the City. This allowed him the Mayor who is an elected official to retire, collect his pension, and stay in office and collect his salary. This ordinance expired in November of 2016 it was good for about four months or so. No other employee in the City can benefit from this again. This Mayor brought back not one deputy chief of police, but we have two of them now. More of our money to spend not including that we have the Chief of Police staying for another 18 months. This is the same man who has police officers working overtime in our 911 dispatch center because he created a shortage of operators in our City. The Mayor with his insistence that he had the votes on the Council to approve the move of our 911 dispatch to the City of Dearborn. Dispatch operators believed some did what they were told and left. They were not given any assurances that they would be hired by the City Dearborn. Why would our Mayor want to add a little something like that to the contract?

The Mayor who had the contract from the City of Dearborn since January 2017 told the council members he had it but wanted to review it. Then like magic decided in late June 2017 six months later that indeed there were no savings. This man was meeting and working with the Mayor of Dearborn for two years in secret to bring a contract to the City of Dearborn Heights that would have done nothing for us. This has cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in overtime created a shortage in our own 911 dispatch center and for what?

Yes, One City United Against Mayor Dan Paletko.

For all the above reasons and much more please read past post’s here. Lies, Secret Deals, Closed Meetings, Forced Votes, Overcharging Residents, and on and on it goes. When will we say enough? The residents of Dearborn Heights have a proven record of ‘Making a Difference’ for Mayor Dan Paletko we’ve given him our money knowingly or not he’s gotten it. We’ve given him our vote to put him in office we’ve let him do this to us are we going keep letting him do this? Unless we want to take all our complaints to the ballot box and vote against this man we should stay silent.




8 thoughts on “One City United Against Mayor Dan Paletko.”

  1. I got the call too interesting Paletko must be very 😩 and he should be. What a shame that he can’t even run on his record he has to use Marge to slander her. I didn’t know that if you take your husbands last name that is now an alias. I didn’t know that when your and army wife and have to move around a lot this would intricate something salacious. What a shame I’m so angry 😡


  2. I just got a phone call from Marge Horvath not to vote for Lisa Hicks Clayton. She not the person for the job she said. My MOM called she got it to.7/8/2017


  3. Thank you, Linda, for the information the 3rd question is interesting I think transparency and fiscal responsibility go hand in hand when you don’t have a transparent administration you will never know if there is fiscal responsibility. When taxpayer money is spent and the amount and the what it’s used for are discussed behind closed doors there’s a problem. Warren Valley Golf Course is one example of this the secret meetings with the Mayor of Dearborn for 911 dispatch is another example and the contract with GFL is one more. That’s my opinion anyway.


  4. In the third question, I believe the issues identified were Transparency versus Fiscal Responsibility.


  5. As I recall, there were 5 questions. All were multiple-choice:

    Would I vote in the primary

    Who would I vote for for mayor

    What issue did I consider most important

    For what political affiliation would I vote

    What is my gender


  6. When I didn’t get a call. What kind of survey I would love to answer if it was about Paletko Lol 😆 could you imagine me on the other end of the phone 📱 beings asked questions about the mayor. Nope 👎 my number is for sure on the do not call list.


  7. I’d be curious to know how many people received an election survey robocall recently dealing with the DHTS election. I wonder who is conducting the survey.


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