What’s A Little Development Amongst Friends?

During the League of Woman Candidate forum, Councilman Bob Constan said that a portion of the Warren Valley Golf Course was going to be developed. Oh but hang on a minute wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago when the City Council was voting for this the Mayor said he wasn’t going to develop it if the City bought the golf course.

This is what happens when such a very important subject is discussed in closed sessions. Yep, no public plan for what the Mayor want’s to do with the property when the City buys it. Well, just his verbal assurance that he’s not going to develop the property. Well not so fast because now you have a councilman saying that they will be developing a portion of it. With no language added to the agreement saying otherwise the Mayor can pretty much do whatever he likes, again no transparency. I’ve said from the beginning the Mayor was in favor of developing this property and I still believe that to be true. If he wasn’t he would have added stipulations on himself and any other Mayor to come that they can’t develop this land.

The Mayor say’s something and everyone is so overjoyed because he said what you wanted to hear but we all fail to realize there isn’t one thing binding him to the statement. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton tried to pass something to stop any development in the future but had no support for her resolution/motion. It’s all Talk and talk is just that talk and it’s cheap well for the Mayor it is anyway. It’s not going to cost him anything to develop a portion of this property, and if reelected who’s going to stop him? If Councilman Constan misspoke then he should write a press release stating as much.   Otherwise, if you want to make sure this property isn’t developed don’t vote for Dan Paletko for Mayor it’s the only way to make sure.


1 thought on “What’s A Little Development Amongst Friends?”

  1. The front yard of the Warren Valley golf course would be a great place for passive development, such as a number of soccer fields, or perhaps a controlled ‘chipping’ area for golf. The City Hall is fine where it is now….don’t move it to Warren Valley…..and we don’t need another enclave of super McMansions, that’s for sure…..


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