Finally The Mayor Coughs Up What I’ve Been Saying For Months Now.

At the League Of Woman Candidate, Forum Mayor Dan Paletko finally admitted what I’ve been saying for months.

There are no savings if the City outsources our 911 dispatch out to the City of Dearborn.

The CPA has had the contract from the City of Dearborn since January of 2017 and just now six months later is admitting that there isn’t a savings for the City and will not be moving our 911 dispatch. This man has held on to this information for six months he’s left our 911 dispatch center in disarray. Yet for months he wouldn’t admit he was wrong he left the center being run by police officers doing overtime for months. He is a CPA for heaven’s sake did it take that long for him to figure out that there wouldn’t be saving? I didn’t even see the damn contract and knew there wasn’t a savings to be had by our City. So why Mr. Mayor having seen the contract knowing I would think right away that there weren’t any savings. Did you wait so long to admit that? Why wait so long to announce that the City is now hiring dispatchers to fill the positions of those who left thinking that they wouldn’t have a job?

Do you think Mr. Mayor by announcing this at a candidate forum you would look like the hero saving the City? Oh, I don’t think so if anything you showed just how incompetent you really are. This Mr. Mayor was your brain-child your baby you worked on putting this together for two long years with the Mayor of Dearborn.

This is how you run an efficient operation? How much has this cost the taxpayers in overtime Mr. Mayor? While you and your campaign team decided on how to best handle your mess every day it cost us money. You and that Mayor over there in Dearborn took two years working on this and the one thing that you didn’t do was secure the City’s needed to realize savings for Dearborn Heights. No, you were too busy strutting around like a rooster insulting and badgering anyone who dared to question what you were trying to do. You Mr. Mayor had no thought as to how this would affect the safety of the residents.

Tell me again why we keep voting for this man as our Mayor?


6 thoughts on “Finally The Mayor Coughs Up What I’ve Been Saying For Months Now.”

  1. Dolores, if the 911 dispatch officers want to apply for a job at Dearborn, no doubt there are folk there that will consider their applications. Dearborn has 9 stations, and these are ‘state of the art’ , ready to go, just hooking up the back up systems to the main frames last time I took a peek. “What’s that empty space over there for”…..another 3 stations? Perhaps that was where Dearborn Hts stuff was going to go….just kidding…..but they have expansion already mapped out.

    They still have another 30,000 of empty space to fill up with something else, perhaps the school board can move in, and turn the space they are suing for meetings at a school back into classrooms….won’t cost anything…Ford donated all the furniture when they renovated the ‘glass house’…….

    Oh…and by the way…..last time I looked, Dearborn has a 5 day work week….no OT…..

    Good thing Dan is a CPA, and has another skill (?) to fall back on……


  2. Lee Jacobsen: There is so much OT – BECAUSE most of our dispatchers quit – fearing they would soon be out of a job and KNOWING Mayor Dan Paletko made NO provisions to keep them on should Dbn. & DH combine our 911 systems – ….soooo the OT is for the 4 dispatchers left doing the job of 16 + police officers to fill in also doing ‘dispatching’ …which they were not trained for. AND we only have a 4 day work-week. (Also a money saving idea from our Mayor, no doubt) and he IS a CPA – so much for saving money. LOL


  3. DR, I have seen both 911 dispatch systems. Dearborn’s is just about complete, and let’s face it, 3 million dollars buys a lot of bells and whistles. Dearborn’s initial offer to buy Dearborn Hts equipment was retracted months ago when they got the ‘grant’. Now, there is no comparison……it’s not a matter of ‘if’ , it’s a matter of ‘when’ consolidation will take place. Positions for 9 dispatchers are in the budget, with another 3 in reserve.

    Let the new mayors figure it out. At least they will have us, the residents, who elected them, to consider.


  4. Lee,
    The city has posted the position for dispatchers already, and no I don’t think our 911 service is woeful it is way above that of Dearborn The City of Dearborn want’ed our equipment that was part of the deal. We are in compliance and have been for years. If in three years the City of Dearborn has worked out all the kinks in the system and has managed to bring on board more than just one city getting the service for free. I’m sure our new Mayor will look into it. If there are savings and solid proof that the response times are the same as the fantastic response times Dearborn Heights has now then that Mayor can bring it befor the residents.

    For the record whatever comes out of this mans mouth, I’m not believing I only take this as truth because the jobs have been posted if not for that I would never take his word for it.


  5. DR…… you didn’t notice the elephant in the room. Dan said we would not save any money by consolidating with Dearborn’s 911 dispatch services. The elephant is that Dearborn Hts will likely lose a ton of money by continuing with the woeful 911 services that they have left. You even indirectly agree, mentioning all the excessive overtime etc.

    All those issues would go away with consolidation with Dearborn, and why are you believing lying Dan when he says there are no savings?. When Dearborn gets a new mayor, and they will, and Dbn Hts gets a new mayor, also a certainty, those two new officials should get together and work out a plan with respect to 911 dispatch to benefit both cities….and ultimately the residents of both as well…..


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