Had Enough Yet?


4 thoughts on “Had Enough Yet?”

  1. DR, don’t misunderstand me, the current mayor of Dearborn Hts is as about as bad as one can get….Lisa would be a ‘breath of fresh air” . My concern is that I do not know , or recall , her business experience, but I see her once in awhile, I will ask. My concern is that she toured Dearborn’s 911 dispatch facility some time ago, I toured it last week, after seeing it again, she may change her opinion about going on board with Dearborn 911 dispatch. Dan has his fingers linked with Dearborn’s current mayor, that won’t last long as he is on the way out as well……way too much ‘behind the scenes’ fooling around!


  2. Lee, after all this time, if you can still look at the record of this Mayor and say that he has any experience in business then there isn’t much I can say about Lisa that would change your mind. A month ago one of our own City buildings was condemned because of this man lacking in everything related to the very City he’s the Mayor of in short he’s checked out and is just wanting to stay Mayor so he can continue to Double Dip.


  3. DR, easy enough to ‘rant’ and ‘pout’ about Dan, we all know he is not ‘stellar’. What are the plans for the new mayor? Is Warren Valley going to be purchased, and turned into a profit center? Not that hard to do if one removes the six figure administrators and uses some smart retirees and volunteers.

    That won’t likely happen with young , inexperienced in the way of business, candidates. We need someone with experience, and not just the ‘bluster’ to go with it….. Lisa can bluster , what are her ‘ideas’?


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