What Do We Know?

There are 11 candidates running for Dearborn Heights City Council what do we know about where they stand on some of the very important issues in our City? I know it’s early or so everyone keeps saying but the primary election is August 8 and before you know it election day is here. On that day responsible voters will be going to the polls or already voted by absentee ballot. As responsible voters, we should know where any given candidate we are voting for stands on some major issues in the City. Here are just three issues in our City there’s much more and you if you decided to run know this or should. At some point, I want to hear from the candidates on these and other issues in our City.

  1. The outsourcing of 911 dispatch as a candidate are you for or against moving our 911 dispatch? Do you know the particulars around this issue?
  2. Warren Vally Golf Course what do you know about this subject? As a taxpayer do you think the City should buy this property? Why or why not?
  3. Old Orchard Pond (privately owned) do you agree or disagree that the City should pay for the clean-up of this pond? Have you followed this issue in the City?

These are just three issues that are in the City it’s up to each candidate to understand them and decide what side they stand on. If elected to a seat on the Council these issues will come before you to vote on. It’s important to understand the history of each of these subjects know the who, the how, and the why. There are back stories to everything in this City make it your business to know those stories. Make it your business to ask the questions. Do your research and most of all understand how the residents feel about these issues.



1 thought on “What Do We Know?”

  1. Waren Valley should be purchased by the city from the savings gleaned from transferring 911 dispatch to Dearborn. Dump the six figure administrators of Warren Valley and get retired golfing volunteers, ditto for the maintenance…..dump the union maintenance etc. and you will soon make a profit.

    Regarding 911, last week I toured Dearborn’s 911 Dispatch center for around 45 minutes. It is absolutely huge, and has all the latest electronic toys. At the first room I saw, with 20 large 4′ x 8′ movable tables, 60 rolling chairs, 20 digital screens on the walls, I thought this was the dispatch center. Nope. Just the meeting room to discuss disasters etc. After walking by several support rooms, a huge main frame room , the 911 dispatch room came into view. It is around 50′ x 100′ in size, and has 12, yes 12 individual dispatch centers. Each center has 5 screens manned by one dispatcher, with movable up and down tables, fans, heaters, warning lights etc and each has it’s own back up mainframe, around $3 million of electronics now in place, with room for another 3 centers. All of this only takes up half of the City Hall’s 2nd floor, plenty of room for adding on. The ‘as new’ cubicles for city employees were donated by Ford. I have seen Dbn Hts 911 system…no comparison. Not even close. Dearborn is in the process of hiring 9 new dispatchers . Bottom line? Move with Dearborn on 911 and use the savings to help purchase Warren Valley.

    The Pond? Have the owner clean it up or fill it in….perhaps a McMansion could be built on the site…:}


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