What’s played out in the past five months or so is Bizarre?

At last night’s City Council meeting councilman flip-flopping Berry decided he wasn’t going to resign from the council effective immediately, but because his name is on the ballot he doesn’t want us to vote for him. I know we all live in a ‘State of Confusion’ but the ‘Mayor’s pocket yes vote’ has taken things to a new level.


In a weeks time, he decided that he can do the job after all and it looks like he can make those sacrifices and I guess he no longer needs to turn his attention in-ward.  It was just two months ago at the funeral of a great man when Tom Berry said he wanted to leave a legacy behind him. I admit when I heard this I was doubtful, but I thought well maybe he does want to change others have because of events like this.

What’s played out in the past five months or so is Bizarre?

In December or thereabouts Tom Berry starts lobbying for support to run for Mayor. Telling different people that he has so and so’s support. Only when these individuals started talking with one another they found out it was all a lie.  I never thought that he was going to run for Mayor it was a bluff and I believed he was doing the Mayor’s bidding. I thought then and later it looked like the reason was to flush out and discourage others from running for Mayor. Sure enough, after one person dropped out from the Mayor’s race and another candidate was flushed out he decided about a month later that no he wasn’t going to run for Mayor. Not only that, but he wasn’t going to run to retain his council seat. What reason did Councilman Berry give for not running for Mayor? He said he didn’t know the Mayor’s salary was that low. This from a man who has voted on budgets for years including the Mayor’s office budget and it clearly states the salary of the Mayor. He said it would be $30,000.00 less than what he is earning now. That makes me feel so much better the man that’s been passing budgets for years did you even look at them?

Months went by and he said over and over again that he wasn’t running for his council seat. Telling everyone that he wanted to spend more time with his family. After convincing most everyone that he isn’t going to run for his council seat he pulls a petition to run for his council seat. He gathers the signatures required to run, turns in his petitions and puts his name on the ballot. He then lets the time-lapse to withdraw from the race then on May 16, 2017, submit his letter of resignation. Then seven days later retracts his letter of resignation and tells the residents at a City Council meeting not to vote for him. That’s about the only truthful statement that has come out of this guys mouth in months.

You should absolutely NOT VOTE for Councilman Berry. 

Councilman Berry the residents of Dearborn Heights are not game pieces on a board for you to play around with. Those elected to City Council carry a huge responsibility. You’ve proven over the years that you have absolute disdain for the resident. Your purpose on this council it seems to me is to Vote Yes or No depending on how the Mayor want’s you to vote. You’ve spent your time on this council creating a legacy of lies, flip-flopping and doing the Mayor’s bidding. Congratulations if you wanted to go out with a ‘BANG’ you sure are. There is no way that you will be forgotten not for your good deeds while on the council. No not for that.  Not for fighting for the residents, that was never the case. Not for doing anything to help the residents. Well, there is that private pond issue that Councilman Berry stated he thinks the City should pay for so there’s that. Councilman Berry your time on council been spent playing us right up to the end.




3 thoughts on “What’s played out in the past five months or so is Bizarre?”

  1. He’s on the ballot because he can’t remove his name. He will finish his term but doesn’t want anyone to vote for him. He stated that at the last council meeting not to vote for him.


  2. OK. Now I’m really confused. As of this date – May 26th – is this bozo running or not? People should pay attention. If he’s changed his mind AGAIN – this is NOT the caliber of person we want on the council.


  3. These are grown men who resign and then decide then they can do do the job after all. The resignation should stand. This is a prime example of stupidity


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