Fire Marshal Condemns City Owned Property.

The Canfield Arena that the City of Dearborn Heights owns and is renting out hasn’t received rent for one year. Yet the Mayor ‘Double Dipping Dan’ hasn’t seen fit to say anything about it to the council until Tuesday’s May 2, 2017,  City Council Study Session. For one year the great financial wizard our very own CPA kept quite never saying a word to the Council that the rent hasn’t been paid. On May 1, 2017, the Building Department posted this 

On May 3rd our Fire Marshal Condemned the property, yes a property that the City owns and presumably is supposed to be taking care of has been Condemned. The City didn’t want to manage the Canfield Arena so it was rented out to a company who turned the arena into a multi-purpose arena. The Mayor has said if the City purchases WVGC he wants to rent it out the same way he’s rented out the Ice Arena and look at what a bang up job he’s done with that.

Canfield Arena is a multi-use facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.
We are located in the middle of Central Park off Kinloch Street. Our
facility is unique in that it can offer a cost effective facility to hold your
smaller functions to large events. From local meetings to multi-day
international sporting events, Canfield Arena has the capability to
meet your events needs.
Via: Powerpoint Presentation

After losing a year’s worth of rent and now having this facility condemned what’s the next step for the Mayor? How long will this building sit empty? How much will it cost the City to make the necessary repairs?


1 thought on “Fire Marshal Condemns City Owned Property.”

  1. It seems incredible that a property owned by the city can be cited by the city as well. No rent for a year? Or has there been rent paid but under the table. ? Who is minding the chicken coop, the foxes? Something smells. We need an independent investigation and an audit of the city books.


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