All That’s Missing Is The Cheerleader Outfit and Pom Pom’s

While the Mayor told us he couldn’t discuss where he was going to get the funds from to buy the WVGC (Warren Valley Golf Course) or pay for doing his due diligence. It doesn’t look like he had any problem talking about it with County Commissioner Webb. In an email sent to concerned residents commissioner, Webb said this.

This money Commissioner isn’t a ‘rainy day’ fund for god’s sake this is what the Mayor uses and has been using for years to pay out payroll while waiting for tax revenue to come into the City.  These are the funds that the Mayor borrows from TIFA, the Water Fund, and others. It’s not because of the Mayor and his financial management that he has put this money aside it’s always there ready to take from and pay back with interest in a specific time period. It isn’t his leadership team for heaven’s sake can you stop campaigning for the man for just one minute and get real,. Oh, there’s more folks, but just this section should have you screaming for the Mayor’s seat. I say that because what’s said in closed session under the open meetings act can’t be talked about by anyone who was in the closed session. Not even the ‘Great Wizard’ can disclose what’s discussed in closed session that is unless you are running for re-election. There must be a section in the OMA that say’s it’s okay to use what is said in closed session as campaign material.   Based on her glowing review of the Mayor I give you one guess who told her.

According to you commissioner, the Mayor squirreled away 5 million dollars and hid it outside of the budget and left our City closed one day a week, and is continuing taking the Headlee Override Tax from the residents of Dearborn Heights. Thanks for the heads up nice to know how he’s cheating us again. We all remember the over captured money for the CSO Bond right?

Oh, he promised and he committed to ‘her’ and ‘his council.’ With all disrespect to you Commissioner Webb ‘his council’, when did that happen his council? We voted for this Council the Mayor did not appoint them and a promise to you who the hell are you that he has to make a promise to? The only people he needs, to tell the truth to and promise anything to is us his constituents the bill payers.

He also promised that he would not develop any part of the frontage for any purpose without the involvement of the residents, which to me is fair and reasonable.
So he is planning on developing this property he isn’t going to just keep it as is. No folks that little statement right there should tell all of you just what he’s planning and has wanted to do all along. Why not after all it’s fair and reasonable to commissioner Webb so who are we to say anything different?

Warning the next part needs you to have your boots on before you read because it’s going to get deep.





Bet you were surprised to know that the Mayor is working with the DDA (Downtown Development Authority) as was I. You would be because the City of Dearborn Heights doesn’t have a ‘DDA’ Commissioner Webb. What’s, even more, surprising is he’s working with this DDA to secure “Brownsfield Grant” dollars to do the environmental studies. At NO COST to the city or the taxpayers. These dollars are captured tax dollars public money for economic development. Brownsfield Grant is used for cleaning up a property to develop a new business on that site. TIFA funds are all so taxpayer money just in case anyone was wondering. Not to leave out the water fund money that too Commissioner Webb is our money the taxpayers of Dearborn Heights. So No he’s using our money the facts do matter here.

My favorite part of this campaign email for the Mayor is this,

Now just what part of what I’ve been posting on here is a rumor the part that the Mayor spoke to the Crestwood School Board and said to all of those members and ‘three have confirmed what he said.’

That he wanted to Build a New City Hall on the site of the WVGC. That he was going to move all departments to this new city hall. That he was going to sell the Canfield Center.

Commissioner Webb, are you saying that those who verified what was heard were lying? Those school board members are liars? I guess you are saying that the Mayor never said he was in favor of building the homes on the WVGC that is until it blew up in the public, and the two of you had to right the ship in a hurry right? What’s playing out where the residents can’t see the full picture is what is really worrisome. It’s to any residents determinant if you believe anything these two people are telling you. Haven’t you seen this play out before? Hasn’t the Mayor shown us time and again that he talks out of both sides of his mouth? How can you believe anything that’s being said if this information for whatever reason was hidden from you behind closed doors at the insistence of the Mayor who said it couldn’t be discussed in an open meeting.

Oh but wait he’ll just give all the information to Commissioner Webb and let her put it out to the public. How transparent can you get? To tell the people don’t listen to anyone else except herself and the Mayor. If that doesn’t put up some red flags for all of you I don’t know what to say. It’s a nice campaign Email sent out by your number one Cheerleader Mr. Mayor. I might even believe it if not for the fact that this wasn’t discussed in an Open Meeting. You Mr. Mayor made sure that there wasn’t any discussion in public of how this was going to be paid for.  So there is no way for us the residents to know if what this email has laid out concerning how the City will pay for the Warren Valley Golf Course is the truth. This isn’t the time to campaign Mr. Mayor not on this subject people have real concerns and real fears and you Mr. Mayor are just turning it into campaign material.


4 thoughts on “All That’s Missing Is The Cheerleader Outfit and Pom Pom’s”

  1. That’s a very good question those who were in the closed session should be asking themselves why this subject was put there? If all that’s going to happen is he tells everything to Webb for her to use as campaign lit.


  2. I think I’m gonna throw up, Ms. Webb. We don’t need you stickin’ your two cents in, trying to convince us the mayor is an upstanding guy. Not gonna happen.


  3. Can’t a lawsuit be filed against him for violating the Open Meetings Act?


  4. brownfield grants money yoo hoo sweetheart what about the old truck stop on van born and the surrounding land one of the business is using the other business land for a storage lot for there scrap equipment. what happened with the property along powers that was going to be a retention basin for the ecorse creek that would help mitigate flooding of the ecorse creek .then we have businee’s along bech daly that look like something from detroit dumpster enclosure full of brush and the property owner says it is not his problem. when will the mayor realize that we are also part of deraborn hgts. also or maybe we should ask to be annexed to taylor or dearborn at least they care about the whole city and not just certain sections……


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