Decisions During an Election Year.

The last time the Mayor ran for reelection he said that he was going to update the City website. He didn’t none of us who heard what he said believed he would now three years later and up again for reelection the Mayor is going to update the City Website. The Mayor and his assistant have themselves selected a company that they feel should make a new city website. The Mayor and his assistant bring a company that didn’t bid on the job to the council for a vote. This is an election year we don’t know who our next Mayor is going to be I think this decision should be placed on the back burner until the election is over and we see just who is going to be our Mayor.

Companies should submit what they would offer the City and how much they would charge for this. This never came to the City Council for a vote to approve going out for bid.  Administrative assistant (Mayor’s Assistant) Laslo will be presenting this in a study session tonight May 2, 2017, if the council doesn’t like to be treated like a bunch of ‘nothings’ I would suggest that you simply tell the Mayor NO and send this out for bid. Better yet wouldn’t you all like to see who is going to be the Mayor come this November? Maybe we would like to see who our new council members are? Maybe you won’t be reelected Mr. Mayor and gee maybe the new Mayor has ideas of how they want the website laid out. Maybe Mr. Mayor the new council members would like to have the opportunity to weigh in on this very important decision. Maybe just maybe we the residents would like more than just the assistant making the decision for us. We all saw how well the Mayor and his assistant handled the Trash Can roll out.


1 thought on “Decisions During an Election Year.”

  1. What happened with the city of Dearborn helping set up Dbn Hts’ website.? The folk I talked to at Dearborn said the ball was in Dbn Hts court if they wanted help…..perhaps the 911 fiasco is dampening cooperation between the two cities…..eventually Dearborn Hts will implode and be assimilated by Dearborn…..that would be one solution…..


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