Why Is Mayor Dan Paletko Trying To Put A Muzzle On Council Members We Elected?

For or Against buying the Golf Course however you are thinking about the subject one thing I think or hope is that it should be done in the public eye. That isn’t what Mayor Dan Paletko wants using his corporation counsel he has drafted a letter to have the Golf Course issue discussed at an April 25th City Council meeting not in public no. He is using the Closed Session as a muzzle to ensure that council members aren’t able to discuss where the money is going to come from with the very people who are going to pay for it. Us.  There are two places he could get the money from if he isn’t paying for it personally. 1. The over captured CSO Funds, or 2. The slush/water fund either one of those are taxpayers money our money.

He’s going to put this subject behind closed doors where the council only at that time will be given the paperwork and told where the money is coming from. Then go out to the regular council meeting 30 minutes later and vote yes or no. There are several members of the council who are objecting to this I, however, would ask them to do more stand up for us. Don’t vote don’t go to the closed session tell Council Chair that you are protesting this action by the Mayor. He has done this before and will do it again this is the new way the Mayor has found a way to make sure that those we elected to the City Council will not share information with those who elected them. I ask Councilmen Abdallah, Muscat, Berry, and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton to make sure we the resident who are paying for this have a say.


2 thoughts on “Why Is Mayor Dan Paletko Trying To Put A Muzzle On Council Members We Elected?”

  1. This sounds a little underhanded to me personally. Why is such a large purchase on the table that the residents are paying for that’s being discussed in private? The citizens should help in the decision making process.


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