Is This The Site Of Our New City Hall?

On March 14, 2013, Mayor Dan Paletko submitted a resolution to City Council members to allow him to negotiate with Wayne County to purchases Warren Valley Golf Course.

What does Mayor Dan Paletko plan on doing with the golf course? Do members of the City council have any idea? Do the residents of Dearborn Heights know that your tax dollars might go to buy this golf course? The Mayor’s big plan for the golf course is to build a new City Hall on the land sell off the Canfield center, move all departments to the New City Hall that he want’s to build and hire a company to run/maintain the golf course. This is the man the same man who was all for the idea of building 150-200 homes on the land, but after seeing how the residents felt soon changed his mind.

What the Mayor forgets is we have a half empty Justice center, and that center might have even more empty space if the Mayor has his way about it. The Mayor is pushing to have our 911 dispatch outsourced to the City of Dearborn leaving, even more, space. Even without outsourcing our 911 dispatch there would still be enough room to move all of City Hall to the justice center. According to several people I’ve talked with over the years, this could be done there is plenty of space. The Chief of police office space alone could have two departments in it or so I’ve been told I’ve not seen it but by all accounts, it’s huge. Just how does the Mayor plan on paying for all of this? Does he think that he’s going to put a millage to get it paid for? How much will it cost taxpayers to pay for a company to run and maintain a golf course? Is this how the Mayor is going to spend our tax dollars? Yes, it is if he has his way about it.

Sell off the Canfield center okay for what use? It sit’s between a fire station and a high school and in front of an Ice arena that the City couldn’t maintain so we had to give that up to a company to manage it.  Is this New City Hall going to house the Berwyn center in it all so? Those events that take place at the Canfield center are they going to be moved to the Mayor’s New City Hall?  What will happen to the old City Hall is that going to go up for sale too? Sitting right in the middle of a neighborhood? I don’t want to own a golf course my tax dollars through Wayne County paid for this golf course for years. The tax dollars of 1.775 million other Wayne County residents. Compare that to the population of Dearborn Heights 56,620 as of 2013 if you think you pay to much in taxes right now in Dearborn Heights wait if the Mayor has his way we are going to be paying a lot more.

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4 thoughts on “Is This The Site Of Our New City Hall?”

  1. Somebody else has to run against Dan because Lisa Clayton Hicks has no chance. Not enough people to vote for Lisa………….SORRY


  2. Isn’t it amazing that he can find the money to buy a GOLF COURSE for cryin’ out loud but still can’t open City Hall 5 days a week? THIS MAN HAS GOT TO GO.


  3. We may not want to own a golf course but I sure as heck don’t want 200 McMansions to flood my neighborhood.


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