Mayor Dan Paletko is Missing in Action.

A history making wind storm hit the City of Dearborn Heights Wednesday, March 8, 2017, power out for many in our city for days. Where was the Mayor? He had this posted not as in on the homepage of the City’s website, but as a link, you could click on. Then nothing silence.

The Governor made time to come to Dearborn Heights,

The Mayor was nowhere to be found when the Governor comes to your City you’d think as a Mayor you might like to be there when the news media shows up.

The Press and Guide did a write-up on how the City of Dearborn along with the City of Dearborn Heights had teamed up with the Red Cross to offer overnight shelters.


Wednesday’s high winds caused widespread power outages, knocked out traffic signals and spawned fires in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and across southeastern Michigan.

DTE crews are working to restore power, but it’s not clear when it will be fully restored.

In the meantime, both cities are providing some relief to residents with no power at their houses.

The City of Dearborn, in conjunction with Dearborn Heights and the Red Cross, is opening two overnight emergency shelters starting at 6 p.m. March 9 for residents who are without power due to the windstorm. Full Story Here

This was on WDHT Facebook Page from Bob Ankrapp our Emergency Manager.

Mayor Dan Paletko did manage to pull a petition to run for Mayor this week. Why the senior centers were not open 24 hours a day to accommodate senior residents I have no idea? There should have been hot meals served, wifi access, charging stations for devices, televisions to watch. Did our Mayor check on the elderly or the disabled in his City? Did he instruct anyone to do so? Did the Fire Department, the Police Department go door to door to check on those who are on life support if there are any in our City? I don’t know what other Mayors in other City’s did nor do I care. I’m looking at our Mayor the Mayor of Dearborn Heights Double Dipping Dan. What did he do and when did he do it?  I do realize that the City is closed on Friday. The storm was on Wednesday you Mr. Mayor should have been to work on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday if there was even on household left without power on Sunday. We deserve so much more than this folks.

Mayor Dan Paletko Dearborn Heights

I’m sure at the Council meeting this week he will mumble and stumble his way through some sort of statement. I’m sure he will be singing the praises of the Fire Department and the Police Department. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get credit not at all.  I’m sure he will say that he instructed this one or that one. Yes, I’m sure by the time he get’s done droning on about everything he will come out looking like the Hero the Mayor who saved the City. He’s not and never has been and never will be just one more example of an out of touch Mayor.



3 thoughts on “Mayor Dan Paletko is Missing in Action.”

  1. Don.t worry he will get another four years he has the people in Dearborn Heights that will get him in.The problem people don,t vote.


  2. I really can not see Dandy Dan missing a photo opportunities, never has before. Remember the flood meeting, people were looking to him for leadership and he hid very well, except when the residents had a meeting. Low and behold he had nothing to with the preparation
    or did nothing to put paperwork together. He had absolutely nothing to do with that meeting but the Mayor took credit for it on the news that night.


  3. 4 simple words CERT WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE AT WITH ALL THIS FAKE CARING ABOUT THE MAYOR AND MUDSLINGING IF SOME OF OUR RESIDENTS WOULD JUST LOOK AT THERE OWN NIEGHBORS AND CARE ENOUGH ABOUT THEM THEN WHY IS OUR CERT TEAM SO UNDERDEVELOpED Lord give me strength . one thing we need is all these so-called caring liberal ninny’s to step up and get some training heeck Bob Ankrapp id more on the job but he only has limited power as cert team advisor when I was on the cert team we would be chafing at the bit for some action we had a good team in the south end assecond n command of the south end we were ready to deploy in 5 mintues from the call out


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