Live Facebook With Lisa Hicks-Clayton.

Lisa Hicks-Clayton for Mayor


1 thought on “Live Facebook With Lisa Hicks-Clayton.”

  1. Where does one sign up to be considered for a ‘gated mansion’ on the former Warren Valley golf course? Will they all be ‘New England’ style? At $9,000 per acre lot, what a bargain.

    Just kidding of course. It is a flood plain, right? And all the sewage will need to be dumped somewhere into the new holding fields, right?

    The mayor will get his cut, right?

    Wayne County, on WJR, offered to let the city run the golf course. The county could not meet it’s profit requirements with not one, but two management companies, so it wants to sell the course. With the cost to take over at a dollar, surely a 36 hole famous golf course built in the 20s, ranked as a ‘decent’ good course, should be able to at least make a little money for the city, and save us from another ‘Doxtator’ style fiasco.

    Doxtator was my old street, it’s a shame what the lack of building codes is doing to the city. My former home looks like a Taco Bell, flat roofs and twin facade arches.


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