What Mayor Dan Paletko Has Done To Our City Part Two.

Mayor Dan PaletkoMayor Dan Paletko the man who claims to ‘Make The Hard Decisions’ had no trouble taking out of your pocket 3.2 million dollars in CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) bond money. Four years is how long this CPA of over 30 years overcharged the residents of Dearborn Heights.

Letter Regarding CSO Millage For City Of Dearborn Heights.

City Levied The CSO Millage At A Higher Rate Than Necessary.

How Deep In Our Pockets Does The City Get To Go Before We Say No?

The letter regarding the CSO would not have happened if not for a resident who pushed the Mayor on the issue. The Mayor didn’t get this legal opinion because he was so concerned. He did so only after his arm was twisted.  As residents, we soon discovered that no we wouldn’t be getting this money back to us…No the money will stay with the City and can only be used to pay off if I’m no mistaken other water related bonds. That’s 3.2 million reasons we don’t need this Mayor doing anything else to our City. Thank you very much, Mayor, Dan Paletko I think you’ve done enough to the City. If only that were true if only this was it, but it’s not there is more. This is part two in a series I’m writing here on the blog I hope you will share this on your social media I hope you will talk about this with your neighbors and family members. What Mayor Dan Paletko Has Done To Our City Part One.



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