Where Is The Truth Mr. Mayor About the Golf Course?

For those of you who don’t know, Wayne County is in the process of selling Warren Valley Golf Course for 1.8 million dollars. The bids went out and a company was the highest bidder and is set to start their project if the commissioners of Wayne County approves the sale. On 2-27-2017 there was a town hall meeting more than 300 residents attended this meeting with Wayne County officials the Mayor and Commissioner Diane Webb. Residents strongly opposed the sale and building of 150 to 200 luxury homes.

The Mayor our great Mayor said to channel 4 news that he hopes that eight commissioners out of 15 will vote against this sale. He told channel 4 news reporter that ‘the people have spoken’ playing out behind the scenes he assured one of the partners of this project that he supports the project, but can’t come out in the open because it’s an election year. When has the Mayor ever listened to the residents of this City? When we the residents packed the council chambers against the outsourcing of 911 dispatch did he listen then? NO. Did he listen when over 1,000 signatures were handed to him opposing the outsourcing of the 911 dispatch? NO.

When are you going, to tell the truth, Mr. Mayor? When are you going to stop talking out of both sides of your mouth Mr. Mayor? When have the residents of this City and what they have to say ever mattered to you? They never have, but it’s an election year so now it all matters. Well, at least you have to make it look like we matter. You have to put on the appearance for the news reporters that we matter. Yes, it’s very important to look like you give a damn about us. This behavior isn’t new to us residents in Dearborn Heights this behavior is typical for you.   

The City has no say in this project the Bid was accepted by the county. The County will over see this project, not the City. The same way it’s always been done. The question is how long have you know about this Mr. Mayor? When did the Council members hear about this? It sure wasn’t at an open council meeting. Why would we think it would be discussed in an open council meeting. You needed to get your ‘ducks in a row’ before it went public right? No Mr. Mayor you haven’t earned the cheers you got at that town hall meeting.


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