What Mayor Dan Paletko Has Done To Our City Part One.

what-mayor-dan-paletko-has-done-to-our-city-blog-titleAnyone remember the NSP program? Does anyone remember that someone was fired from the City because they refused to hire someone the Mayor wanted them to hire illegally?

 According to Section 4.14 of the City Charter, each department head, commission or board shall hire the necessary employees for his or her department subject, however, to any Civil Service provision that may be hereinafter enacted by the Council.

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The first post I’m finding I wrote back in 2009 this played out for over two years. We fought like hell over this person being hired to the City and moved from place to place. I think what angered us so much was the fact that someone lost their job over the hiring of this person. The NSP program was then taken out of the department heads hands and run out of the Mayor’s office by his assistant. Full disclosure the person who lost their job was a friend of ours. In my opinion what happened was wrong I stand by that and always have.

This is the post I wrote when the Mayor Tried to make a new Department Head Position for the person he hired illegally.Lies, Lies, and More Lies… the mayor was trying to create this job in 2009 and what was happening during that time? Economic downturn you would have never thought that with the way he was trying to spend money.

The NSP Job Creation Date NSP Job Creation Date.

Here are many more post I wrote about the NSP program,

Motion to suspend spending on the NSP program,

Here is just a little something in the guide for NSP..

So What Happened To The NSP Jobs?

Who Is In Charge of the NSP Program?

Understanding the NSP Program

Here’s a post I wrote about all the change orders for the homes bought with City money. I don’t recall one home being done within the bid that companies gave to do the project.

After years of wondering why the Mayor hired that person for the NSP job without testing and expected his department head to hire her against the rules of the NSP program we finally found out. It turns out she was then the girlfriend of the Mayor’s divorce attorney and now his wife. This person was kept for over a year working in the city and moved from one department to another in clear violation of the charter. Council fought the Mayor on this but never won. She has since left the City.

Thousands of dollars were overspent in the beginning of the NSP program because the Mayor fired the CEDD head very early on when he refused to hire someone into his department. The department of CEDD get’s its funds from CDBG grant money. These grants have very strict rules governing them. When the Mayor took the NSP program and ran it out of his office and put his assistant in charge. What happened for the next year or more was breathtaking in the mismanagement of this program.  The City in those early years paid out of the general fund to hire a consultant to help run the grant. I don’t think there has ever been a full report as to how much the Mayor and his nonsense cost the City taxpayers. There was never an investigation done on this. It wasn’t just the overcharges or the consultant fees there were lawsuits.

It’s not what the Mayor has done for our City it’s what he’s done to our City we deserve better.



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