Follow The Rules.

Let me make it very simple at the 2-14-2017 council meeting during the council announcement section of the meeting Councilwoman Horvath indicated that some of her fellow council members have violated the OMA (open meetings act.) She said that she had gotten a legal opinion (not from her brother) who is a lawyer. She said she wanted council chair to get an opinion from corporation counsel. For those who don’t know who corporation counsel is the lawyer for the Mayor and City Council and paid from taxpayers money  $165.00 an hour. How is it that a council person can just say I want this looked into without this being voted on by the council. Isn’t that misappropriation of funds. Isn’t there some rule that was violated here by Councilwoman Horvath and Council chair?

If there is a legal opinion obtained by Councilwoman Horvath that opinion should be submitted to the council chair along with the evidence and her complaint. Then council chair can add that to the agenda for the council to vote on if they want to have corporation counsel to look into this. If they feel that our tax dollars should be spent on running after this then it will be sent for a closed session  Councilwoman Horvath would not be allowed in that meeting. She, after all, is the plaintiff bring charges of wrongdoing against her fellow council members. You do not discuss your strategy of how you are going to handle a legal issue in front of the plaintiff. Not only will our money go to pay for corporation counsel fee to answer questions and so on. Any legal fees issued by those council members that they will have to pay to defend themselves will have to be paid by taxpayers.

I’m sure that all those years Councilwoman Horvath went to Mexican Fiesta after council meetings along with at least three other council members and sat around and talk shop that wasn’t a violation right?  Residents would often be there with them if some of you are wondering when there are four council members in one place this is considered a ‘quorum’ that is against the (open meeting act.)  No one went out and hired a lawyer to bring charges against her or any other of the council members who were there at the time. Yet it seems that councilwoman Horvath and Council chair think it’s just fine to spend our money on this. How about this – you two pay for it leave us taxpayers out of it this time around. How about you follow the rules.  You want to spend my money then put it up for a vote.



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