Who We Deserve As Our Mayor.


photo_38959_20150625What do you do when you are the only council member who has made a decision to vote NO when everyone else is voting Yes? You can and in my opinion should do what Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton did at the February 14, 2017, city council meeting, Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton voted NO for the police supervisor contract and decided instead to try and save the residents tax dollars. With her no vote, she was saying No to spending $40-to- $50 thousand dollars depending on the number of supervisors that are on the police force.  This wasn’t money for new hires this was for those who are already working for our city. This isn’t for patrol officers this was for those at the top of our ‘top-heavy’ police department.

A signing bonus is a lump sum of money that an employer provides to a prospective employee. The purpose of the signing bonus is to entice the applicant to sign-on with the employer’s organization. The employer hopes that the offer of the bonus will provide extra incentive for the prospect to accept a job offer.

The signing bonus is most often used with executive level positions or to recruit employees with special, hard-to-find skills and experience.

Examples of such prospects include software development experts who work effectively on teams, market research savvy employees, and employees who specialize in data collection and analysis.

Family practice physicians and internalists are several more examples as fewer doctors choose to enter into these specialty areas. Their value is expected to escalate in the years ahead.

The signing bonus is also used, on occasion, to recruit high potential students out of college. The best and brightest students will have multiple job offers from desirable employers. You can set your job offer apart from the others by offering to pay a signing bonus.

The signing bonus is also useful when an employer wants to recruit a candidate when other employers may be competing for the same potential employee. Most candidates are quite open about the fact that they have multiple offers.

You need to determine how badly you want the job candidate, or how difficult it will be to recruit another qualified candidate, and then, determine if a signing bonus is your best bet.

Source: The Balance

I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her it never is doing the right thing I thank you, councilwoman, for, at least trying to save the taxpayer’s money. This is the first time there has been a bonus added to a contract but Mayor Double Dipping Dan decided this would be a good thing to do now. Can you tell our Mayor is up for reelection yet?  This is just one union contract there are several more to negotiate (what a joke) that word negotiate would indicate there is a negotiation. Not from where I sit there isn’t. Not when for the first time in the history of our City a signing bonus is added to a contract.  This Mayor is hell-bent on making sure he does everything in his power not to look out for the taxpayer’s money.

Since everyone is feeling so generous with my tax dollar I want a bonus too. I want a bonus for having to watch this continued horror show play out.

I can only guess how the rest of the union contracts are going to play out. Oh, no I don’t this contract has now set the stage for all the rest of the union contracts coming behind it.

Signing bonuses for everybody,

why not it’s only the resident’s money who cares? The Mayor sure doesn’t. I would like a Mayor that will sit down at that table and always have in the back of their mind ‘is this the right thing to do to my residents?’ That isn’t what we have now not by a long shot. That’s who we deserve to have as our Mayor and it’s who we can have as our Mayor. This year is an election year and this year we don’t have to settle for a Mayor like ‘Double Dipping Dan Paletko.’ This year we can elect a Mayor for our City that Will Make A Difference.

At the same City Council meeting, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton all so voted no on the (LOI) letter of intent. This letter of understanding is to benefit who? The residents, how? Not when you have two new positions created in the police department that now will be added to the budget. Spending more of our tax dollars.   The police officers that have been waiting for years now to advance? I don’t think so not when this letter will have the same people who should be leaving the city with the DROP program that they are signed up for. Why was this done? Not one person sitting at that table last night said why they voted for this (LOI) so there is no explanation to this unless could it be that the Mayor hasn’t done his job. Could it be the Mayor has shown little to no leadership in making-  sure the DROP program has been used the way it was intended to. I have no idea what I know is what is before me. A Mayor that once again gets away with everything. A Mayor that never has or will put the residents first.



3 thoughts on “Who We Deserve As Our Mayor.”

  1. Don’t forget the longevity bonuses as well. Very common at Dearborn…..and an embarrassment in 2009 when times were tight, and there were the words ‘bonus’ at the ends of so many names….


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