City Council Members How I Don’t Want My Tax Dollars Spent Can You Hear Me?


It’s been years since the City has had a deputy chief of police long ago that was eliminated from the budget. Not sure, but if I remember right this was done away with when the chief we have now became the chief of police. This position could be gone as far back as 10 years ago. Not sure, but it hasn’t been in the last five years. Now Double Dipping Dan would like to bring back not one, but two deputy chiefs. Why? I suppose since he got what he wanted with the Mayor pension ordinance why not try to do it again. the chief will stay another 18 months then the new deputy chief if council approves this nonsense will step in as chief. When his 24 months is up, the next in line will step in until his time is up.

Yep, that’s right for the next 30 months from the date of signing if approved the Mayor will have selected the next 3 chiefs of police. each of the deputies will serve for six months. I ask why? What is the Mayor of Dearborn Heights #DoubleDippingDan up to? There is something -what I have no idea and well the residents may never know. You ask why? Well as you all saw at the last council meeting this letter of intent (LOI) was on the agenda for approval. It was not passed and instead was suppose to be taken to a study session. Next, we hear this has gone into a closed session.  Where the Mayor I’m sure spent his time telling the council the ‘the sky is falling’ who knows what he said in that room? I don’t know and don’t care what I do know is there is something very wrong here.

The city adopted the DROP for just this situation to be able to plane and have the knowledge of when the chief was going to retire. The original DROP was for five years and out, another two was added bring it to seven and out.  Now instead of one of the captains in line to take the chief position we are now going to make two deputy chief positions. All that needs to happen is one of the captains or both take the test and move up. Why do we need to keep a chief that was supposed to leave in five then seven and now eight and a half years? As was pointed out to me it’s not to give them larger pensions they can’t so what is the reason? I want a Mayor that is open and up front, with the residents, this is our money council that you plan on doing this with. Council members said they want to hear from the residents before they spend our money. Okay, hear me now I don’t want you to spend my money like this. I want you to,

Vote NO

I may not be able to be at the council meeting to speak so I’m writing now to let you hear my voice. This is wrong whatever is going on let this double dipping mayor and his chief go back to the drawing board and come up with something that makes sence. Like how about letting the Captains test and let one of them become our next chief. Let the DROP program work the way it was intended to and stop messing around with our money.



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