911 Outsourcing Confusion.

Dearborn Heights dispatch 911On Dec 16th, The City of Dearborns Police Chief Haddad had a Town Hall Meeting and in one part spoke about the dispatch project, including it will be operational in the first quarter of 2017. See video between 12:45 and 23:00 for details. He also makes mention that he will supply a report to council and expects Dearborn to go with Dearborn Heights and Melvindale, and others are interested.  If Dearborn goes with Melvindale and Dearborn Heights, 9 more dispatchers are needed (they have 20), and it takes 6 months to train. Chief Haddad says he thinks Melvindale and Dearborn Heights if they join, will be after operational in the first quarter, meaning after maybe April? Not if it takes 6 months to train personnel. And if they are hiring now, how can they do so without a signed contract? I don’t see how this could happen until summer. As was told to residents during the Mayor of Dearborn Heights town hall about this subject ‘it would be they hope up and running in June.’

Here is the link to video of the City of Dearborns Chief Haddad town hall meeting in 

The Mayor of Dearborn Heights has had the contract since early January that’s what I’ve heard. I all so understand the City of Dearborn council did not vote on this contract before it was sent to Dear Heights Heights. I’m not sure of the process for doing these things in the City of Dearborn, but I know here I thought the council would approve the contract before it’s sent out for signatures with other City’s. If the City Council of Dearborn when they get the contract back doesn’t like what’s in it then what? They ask for changes and it comes back to our City with those changes? This back and forth and the residents of Dearborn Heights overwhelming don’t want to outsource our 911 dispatch. Shame on Mayor Dan Paletko for even thinking of doing this.



2 thoughts on “911 Outsourcing Confusion.”

  1. The solution is to hire our own dispatchers instead of making our police take the overload. To leave us short and not hire DH dispatchers is ridiculous. Time is so important when responding to the needs of our community.We shouldn’t be waiting for training of dispatchers for Dearborn. We need to take care of ourselves. Very disappointing.
    So many people are worried the mayor ia going to push this through without approval like the garbage deal….#saveour911


  2. DR, The initial training of a 911 dispatcher for the basics (First Phase) is nowhere near 6 months, try 2, maybe 3 weeks.
    Here is a list of the basics….Goals of the First Phase of Call-Taker Training
    By the end of the first phase of training, the trainee should be able to perform the following tasks with little or no assistance:
    Phones: Answer 9-1-1/Red Line/Green Line/Direct Line with proper identifier
    Determine incident location and caller’s location
    Obtain caller’s name, address, and phone number
    Triage a call: Determine if it’s a call for service, referral, or information
    Transfer calls to other agency/unit/department
    CAD: Create CAD incident for a routine call for service
    Include required information in calls
    Upgrade an active CAD incident
    Know frequently used incident types
    Use ID and PD files
    Radio: Operate Motorola CentraCom Elite radio console equipment, including selecting channels and volume adjustments
    Knowledge: Spell using phonetic alphabet
    Name/abbreviate all jurisdictions dispatched from this center
    Locate reference maps, directories
    Read/send email
    Navigate Internet reference sites
    Obviously, your agency’s tasks will be just a little different, but you get the idea.

    This information is easily pulled from Google, and they mention that some candidates catch on faster than others, hence the 2-3 week range. With a 12 week ‘float’, is it probable that we can find and train 9 candidates? Probable if the powers that be don’t sit on their hands and procrastinate……


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