I Hope Council Members See This Latest LOU For What It Is.

Letter of Understanding, Dearborn Heights, Mayor, Police


At the last City council meeting on 1-24-2017 a letter of understanding came before the City Council for a vote. Why this was put on the agenda when council members only had four days to look at this. Remember City Hall is closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Even if they wanted to make some calls to ask some questions who would have been at City Hall to ask a question? No one. This letter of understanding would keep the Chief of police even though he’s in the DROP program that was originally for five years the Council voted to make it seven. That gave this administration seven years to put things in order to have someone set to step in and become the Chief. You can read post about the DROP,

Here and Here

You may know or not the deputy chief position was taken out of the budget years ago. There isn’t a deputy chief let alone two. The two captains in question to my understanding are in the DROP they opted in for this.  Just like the chief after seven years they must retire and make room for those officers below them to move up.

While they may not put any more into their pensions it’s important to remember that retirement is calculated on the last three-year salary. With this ‘Deputy’ position, they will get a higher salary that will be used to calculate their pensions.

I have been told that what I wrote here isn’t true and no their pensions will not be calculated at the higher salary.  I want to make sure that I corrected this error on my part.

That’s just what the Mayor did when his pension was calculated. The Mayor was a councilman for over 20 years. He left council for six months and was in Lansing as our Rep. When former Mayor Canfield stepped down he was appointed by the Council to be Mayor. It isn’t allowed to calculate his pension at 30 years at the salary of the Mayor. It happened anyway he got his pension calculated for 30 by his salary of the Mayor the separation wasn’t even looked at.

All three involved in this LOU (Letter of Understanding) are set to retire so what the Mayor is proposing is let them retire, get their salary, get their pension and stay working. Why not the Mayor got his pension ordinance passed with flying colors. So why not try it again? Yep, Double Dipping Dan is at it again. The fact that this man hasn’t taken the appropriate steps to have someone ready to be chief is a failure of leadership, but we haven’t had leadership in this City for a very long time now.  I don’t know what we have here in Dearborn Heights.

The LOU dear taxpayers could and affect your taxes.  How you ask? Act 345 that was voted on by residents years ago and funds the police and fire pensions. This is a tax we pay here in Dearborn Heights you can read about Act 345 here

I don’t have a problem with our Police department, as a matter of fact, I think this will cause problems within that department. Those that have been waiting for years to move up the chain of command now have to what? Just wait until the Chief of police and the Mayor stop playing games. This LOU coming in an election year if signed will leave any new Mayor without options. The fire department did something similar to this for the chief in that department and to my understanding for completely different reasons. Certainly not to have a higher salary when it comes time to calculate his pension. Not for nothing, but where is the money coming from to add two new positions to the police department?

I ask all Council members to vote NO on this and see it for what it is.








4 thoughts on “I Hope Council Members See This Latest LOU For What It Is.”

  1. Used as backups to what we have no say in anything if the City Council agrees to this 911 dispatch outsourcing. As of right now, the City of Dearborn Heights is using police officers on overtime as 911 dispatch operators. The Mayor with his letter of intent made it clear that he was going to do all he can to make sure we sign a contract with Dearborn. With nothing in place to guarantee our 911 operators will move to Dearborn, many operators left Dearborn Heights now we have a shortage. That shortage the Mayor has no intention of filling because in my estimate he (the mayor) will use that as a scare tactic to get council members to sign the contract with Dearborn.


  2. One positive note, in this plan, no longevity bonus. A smart move…….. Dearborn pays almost as much it seems in longevity as it does in salary…….a sticky issue in 2008-2009, with bonuses being paid out while cutting back everywhere…..

    With the new 911 dispatchers, they will be new, and start at the bottom, saving the city at least a little money……perhaps the deputy chiefs can do 2 weeks of 911 training, and be useful as backups….


  3. So let me get this straight….. We have a chief and 2 captains now….
    Chief salary. 80,000
    2 captains 70,000’*2 = 140,000

    Now we will have a chief at 80,000
    2 deputy chiefs at 75,000= 150.000
    And 2 captains at 70,000 = 140,000

    150,000 dollars of more administrations???

    How is this saving money ???

    Oh yeah…. Thanks dispatchers for giving up your jobs to make more money for administration.


  4. It makes more sense to eliminate the pension all together, most are going to variations of the 401 plan….especially as officers retire earlier and collect pensions longer that most of us in the private sector….Time to investigate switching over….


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