Finally Someone With A Common Sense Solution To A Problem.

At last night’s City Council Study, Session Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton brought forward a solution to the problem senior citizens and disabled are having in our City with the New Trash Cans. If you don’t know the administration did not survey the residents before they bought these new cans. The Mayor placed the burden on the resident who couldn’t handle the large 96-gallon can. The solution the Mayor came up with was to have an elderly or disabled resident get a doctor’s note and pay $40.00 for a smaller can or pay $65.00 without a note from the doctor.

Great Idea by Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton

There is talk that by making the disabled pay for a smaller can would be against ADA rules. For months this has been an on going issue, but last night was different at the CDBG budget study session Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton had this common sense solution to the problem.

I proposed a City department or organization apply for CDBG funds for the purchase of the smaller 64-gallon canister for disabled and senior citizen residents.  This meets the club clientele under HUD-CDBG requirements.  The proposal needs to be properly vetted.  CDBG budget can be amended and add an approved project anytime. I stressed that yes, our residents should have been surveyed. However,  we must move forward and find a solution that works in the best interest of our disabled and senior citizen residents.

Common sense solution that puts the residents first a solution that works around the problem that this Mayor created. Thank you, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton for listening to the residents and doing something about it.

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2 thoughts on “Finally Someone With A Common Sense Solution To A Problem.”

  1. The city has a contract with Rizzo to use the cans because the company can use one driver with the truck, not other employees, lifting and dumping out the cans. That is the whole point of using those cans. If people started using whatever cans, bags, etc that they want, that 1 driver and truck would not be able to complete the route. Rizzo would have to hire additional employees, which would change the cost of the contract..

    I fear that those people out of compliance with the requirements of the contract would end up not getting their trash picked up. If the city wanted to renegotiate with Rizzo to pick up trash not in new cans, the city would end up paying more. While your suggestion would appear, on the surface, to solve the problem without additional bureaucracy or cost, once you look beyond the surface, I don’t believe that would be a correct assumption.


  2. I have an even simpler solution.

    If the citizens of Dearborn Heights wanted the new cans as much as the City Council has lead us to believe, let the people who are able to use the new cans use them and the people who are unable to use them use what they used before.

    No bureaucracy, no additional cost.


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