Where Oh Where Is The Contract?

The City still has a shortage of dispatchers I haven’t heard of any new dispatchers being hired. Is the Mayor still using police officers on overtime as 911 dispatchers? How much is that costing the City?  This shortage was a creation of the Mayor and most likely he will use as a reason that we have to move our 911 dispatch to Dearborn. If he uses that as one of the reasons to consolidate with Dearborn I hope someone on the council more than one on the council will tell him simply ‘we can hire more.’ It’s going to be very interesting to see what the contract is and how the Mayor is going to try to sell it to the City Council? He’s not going to sell it to us because he only needs four votes on the council to have it pass. Even more interesting are members of City Council going to listen to what the residents overwhelmingly want?



6 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Is The Contract?”

  1. We need a “Trump” for mayor? Why? So he could round up all of our young men and make them register with the government because they’re Muslim? Maybe build a wall so we could keep out everyone from Detroit? We need a consensus builder, not a bully. We already have one of those.


  2. I got the impression from these blogs that the Mayor has most (if not all) the council members in his back pocket and nobody has the guts to go against his wishes. Let me know if I got the wrong impression. Thank you


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