It’s 24 Hours A Day Seven Days A Week.

At the last City Council meeting, the first of the year Councilman Berry stated that he would like to see the water of the City tested. To that, the Mayor said ” it is tested once a year” Councilman Berry then said that he would like to see it tested every four months. The conversation went on about where to find the water report for the City and the fact that it’s published in the City bi-annual newspaper. The Mayor closed this subject down not wanting to turn the City water quality I’m sure into an issue for the upcoming election. Dearborn Heights has clean water and has always passed water testing. Councilman Berry had cited recent events in the City of Flint as the reason he wanted the City of Dearborn Heights water tested.

Well, later that week from what I’m hearing either Wednesday the 11th or Thursday the 12th a couple of homes on the south end of Dearborn Heights an area whose water is treated by the Downriver water treatment Plant. Called the City to report foul-smelling water. The Mayor from everything I could gather sent the DPW department out to collect samples and sent them in for testing last week. Well as many of you are now aware the City is closed on Friday’s and Monday was Martine Luther King Day so a four-day weekend. While the Mayor was off for the long weekend here’s what played out on social media.

Patricia Odette Mayor City of Woodhaven

I am sure that everyone has seen that the water out of Detroit that feeds the downriver communities is having issues.

ATTENTION: Woodhaven Residents, are doing our OWN testing all over the City and have begun the process of sending it out to an independent company and we will let you know our results.
This was issued by the Great Lakes Water Authority:


Dear Dearborn Heights Residents:

We are aware of the water quality issues that have been occurring since Thursday in Allen Park, Dearborn Heights, the east end of Taylor & other Downriver communities. Great Lakes Water Authority has provided a statement that the issue is aesthetic. We understand that some residents are still experiencing sulphur-smelling water quality issues.

In lieu of recommendations from the GLWA, and after much discussion together, we are making the following suggestions (based upon logic not science, since none of us are water experts or scientists) for concerned, affected residents:

1. Allow your water to run periodically for a few short minutes so that whatever is causing the issue isn’t lingering in your pipes and can dissipate.

2. If you have concerns about consuming the water, bottled water could be used in the meantime for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth.

Understanding the heightened concerns residents have regarding water quality since the water emergency in Flint, your concerns are taken seriously. Our residents’ safety and wellness are a priority. GLWA & MDEQ will provide additional answers and that the issue will resolved.


Lisa Hicks – Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman

Posted by Lincoln Park. Many communities, including the City ofDearborn Heights, are served by the Great Lakes Water Authority ( GLWA ). Please take note of the following:

City of Lincoln Park

ATTENTION: We are currently receiving reports, along with other downriver communities, of the drinking water having an unusual smell and taste. GLWA is aware of the situation and is working on the cause and also any potential corrective action. In the meantime, the water is safe to drink and there is NO BOIL ADVISORY. We will keep you updated as we continue to communicate with GLWA.

The City of Dearborn Heights‘ water source is through the Great Lakes Water Authority ( GLWA ). Recent reports from residents include foul smell and taste, plus discoloration. In addition, residents are reporting pets becoming ill. The City of Dearborn Heights does test the water on a regular basis. However, in light of recent developments, it would be prudent to run an independent check on the water source.

All Weekend long while other Cities who were also closed for the weekend, and for Martin Luther King day managed to communicate with their residents. Here in Dearborn Heights our Mayor was off because the City was closed. This is what concerned residents see when they go to the City’s Website as of 1-18-2017 @ 8:54 am





The water testing results from Woodhaven got shared on Facebook and passed on by concerned residents to their own Facebook pages.

Results from Independent lab test of water shared via Woodhaven. It should be noted, Woodhaven, along with other downriver communities, including the south end of Dearborn Heights is serviced by the same water treatment plant – the Downriver Water Treatment Plant.

No automatic alt text available.
As of 1-18-2017 @ 9:07 AM This is what you find on the official Facebook Page for The City of Dearborn Heights.
They point out on the page that this is the official page of Dearborn Heights, but it’s not always monitored. If you signed up for ping4alerts as I have you didn’t receive anything there either.

I know I’m one-sided always negative.

Yes, when you have a Mayor like this you are damn right I’m one-sided. The proof is in the pudding what more does he need to do sorry not do for us? This is what we pay him 130,000.00 (pension plus full salary) a year for? That’s what the residents pay for a  Mayor that works a  four-day work week what a great deal for him.  Those who are going to run for Mayor this year understand you are the Mayor 24 hours a day and seven days a week you don’t get to take Friday off because the City is closed. Even on Saturday and Sunday if there is an issue such as this happening in the City over a weekend it’s your job to stay on top of it not check out. 
#wedeservebetter #vote2017

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  1. Water test kit is available, free, at Home Depot. Pick up the kit, put the water in, send it off to be tested, get results. No charge.


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