The Mayor Who Hasn’t A Clue That Is Mayor Dan Paletko.

On January 10, 2017, City Council meeting the subject of the school on Beech Daly that was under construction and has come to a complete stand- still was brought up for discussion. Councilwoman Horvath to give her full credit here made a lot of calls to the state to find out just what the City can do about this quarter built private school. Previously the Mayor had said that there is nothing the City can do the state gave them permission and the City has nothing to do with it. Not true Mr. Mayor if you would have taken the time and I’m sure it was a lot of time on Councilwoman Horvath part to find out the information about this. You would have discovered that what’s needed is to have our lawyer get involved. This was brought up before at a council meeting where you Mr. Mayor (double dipping Dan) told council members that the state had over-site of the project.

The Mayor went on to say that he heard that the person who started the construction ran out of funds and is no longer in the country and that someone else owns the property now. Ah, what? they ran out of money, are no longer in the country, and someone else owns it. This Mr. Mayor is what you heard. That is as far as you got into your inquiry about a major project being built-in your City. That is what you can give to the residents that have to look at this mess every day? This is what you got Mr. Mayor for every person who is driving by that monstrosity that has looked the same way for over a year now? Being true to his self the Mayor was more then happy to hear what Councilwoman Horvath had found out. He was eager to have her share the information with him so they (the lawyer) could get started on it right away. Councilwoman Horvath found out this information by making some calls what do you think the Mayor is going to do with it? I think he will drag his feet for as long as he can about this prove me wrong Mr. Mayor.

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5 thoughts on “The Mayor Who Hasn’t A Clue That Is Mayor Dan Paletko.”

  1. What would the mayor of Warren do? That racist, misogynist would probably just go behind closed doors and call them out. Who cares what he would do? You make no sense.


  2. Again, I addressed all the issues about the ‘school’ which is what you labeled it in the first place, most of them in the last sentence….contact the new owners and get a time line on what is going on…..the rest, i.e. safety etc is covered by city ordinances….just enforce them….

    What would the mayor of Warren do???


  3. Sometimes (make that all of the time) I can’t believe the things you spout. Do you think before you write? Why should the city care about this “private” school? First of all it is not a school, but an after-school tutoring and sports facility run by a religious organization. Second, half finished construction is more than blight; it is an “attractive nuisance” that can attract kids into dangerous situations no matter how many fences are constructed. Third, nearby residents (or anyone for that matter) shouldn’t have to put up with unsightly construction and overgrown vegetation bringing down the value of their property.
    Fourth, the city has made this organization exempt from paying property tax because it has complied with state laws regarding tax-exempt status. If the owner is gone, is the facility still complying with the law? If not, the city would have to take steps to return it to a taxpaying entity. If services are still being provided in the older part of the building, is the construction compromising the health and safety of the kids in any way? If the owner is gone, is there a new owner? Was the property purchased? Have state laws regarding transfer of ownership been observed? Does the unfinished construction pose any fire or safety hazards? Is there a plan to ever finish it or will it have to be demolished?
    Are there other city ordinances being violated with which other “private” buildings, e.g., people’s homes, must comply? If the owner is gone, who is responsible for paying for any clean-up the city may have to perform? The city may not have all the answers to these questions yet, but I believe they have a fiduciary responsibility to be proactive.

    Why should the city care about this “private” school? Why, indeed.


  4. Why is the city involved in this ‘private’ school? It’s a private affair, if someone wants to halt construction, and the property is properly prepped for safety, it is none of the city’s business as to the circumstances of why there is a delay. If anything, the city should be ‘understanding’, and be ‘on hand’ to advise when the next phase of this endeavor is contemplated. Sure, it is unsightly, a mess, but a monstrosity…..hardly…..

    What is a lawyer going to do, except cost the city money?…… Get a time line from the new owners and wish them luck…..


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