“Yalla” Let’s Go


Last night 1-10-2017 the first study session and City council meeting of the year was breathtaking and not in a good way. The clear attempt to use buzz words such as ‘anger management’ and ‘playing the victim’ those two buzz words were used over and over by Councilman Joseph Kosinski and Councilwoman Horvath. Councilwoman Horvath felt it necessary to say at least four times that Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton is always ‘playing the victim.’ Councilman Joe ‘must go’ made sure to paint Councilman Muscat with he needs ‘anger management.’ It took 45 minutes to get the agenda approved because CM ‘Joe must go’ insisted on having his letter added to the agenda. Click Here for the live Facebook video of the City Council Study Session. If you are not a member of the Facebook Page you might not be able to watch it. Click Here to watch the Council Meeting. In the end, it was Councilman Ray Muscat who finally said ‘just put it on’ and this man who Joe wanted so desperately to paint as someone who needs some type of help had to support or second the motion so it could even come for a vote. It did and was defeated by a vote of 5-2

Contrary to what CM Joe Kosinski said last night that before council members even have a chance to look at an email it’s already on the ‘internet’ I didn’t post it to the internet, Joe I didn’t see it on any social media and I’m just now after it has been made public in such a disgusting way am posting it here. Councilman Kosinski letter,




Councilwoman Horvath who I know comes here and reads who I know for years has been telling anyone who will listen not to come here I say this to you.

Residents who went to the first meeting of the year did so not because they were told to go by Council members Muscat or Hicks-Clayton. True they asked, but I and many others pleaded with the residents to go to the meeting. I Posted about the meeting and created an event for the meeting on Facebook I wrote about it here and again asked people to go to the meeting. I made Dearborn Heights City Councilthis and used that as my profile picture on Facebook around December 15, 2016, until January 10, 2017, so you see Councilwoman Horvath it wasn’t the Councilwoman telling anyone to go she asked for the residents to come to the meeting. The question is what the hell is your problem with it? There was a time when you would have been thrilled to see so many residents at a meeting. There was a time not so long ago when you would never have been in with the administration. No, that isn’t the case now you do their bidding. Your hate and I call it hate of Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton has no limits and I find it disgusting. I think council members past and present have suffered the Wrath of Horvath for long enough. I as a resident I’m tired of seeing the same council members year after year belittle, harass, and intimidate their fellow council members on the behest of the Mayor.

What happened last night was nothing more or less than a well-orchestrate attempt by Councilman Kosinski, Councilwoman Horvath, and the Mayor to get a council members in-line.  Don’t think this wasn’t done for a reason. There is always a reason for everything that this bunch does. I certainly don’t think this is over. Far from it this I think is just the beginning. I think Councilwoman Horvath and Councilman Kosinski will find any way they can to bring this back up.   They will try to bait Councilman Muscat and they will continue to insult Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton it’s going to get worse before it gets better and the only way it will get better is to get them off the Council.

Yalla Let’s Go.


7 thoughts on ““Yalla” Let’s Go”

  1. I ‘tried’ AGAIN to share and tag this article but to no avail. I tried to tag YOU in my share response without success. Went to both Kathy Abdul-hak and The Truth Page to no avail. ???


  2. Sickofonesidedviews,

    You have no argument here I agree that meeting wasn’t run right at all and while we are on the subject our clerk who is supposed to be the parliamentarian had no clue. If he did he sure didn’t show it when corporation counsel has to point out that the council should be directing questions to the Clerk, not himself you know things have gotten out of control. If I was Council Chair I would bang the gavel until it broke that meeting was a mess.


  3. What an embarrassing display of un-professionalism. And a great examaple of the person who is supposed to run the circus not knowing how to conduct business by taking an off the record phone poll of members. What is wrong with all of you????????


  4. Amen, Kathy. And Mrs. Horvath if you’re out there, please do what you said and don’t run again. We’re going to do everything we can to see that you and Joe are no longer on the council along with the mayor and his ever-lovin’ admin. Perhaps you think you’re fooling us but your hate for Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton is SO obvious. I am disgusted by you and Kosinski both.


  5. When is each council member up for re-election?

    Also . . .
    I am looking for an alternative trash collection provider for myself. If I find someone who is interested in contracting with individuals in our area, I will publish the information in a comment on the Truth Page.


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