Get Ready It’s 2017, And It’s An Election Year.

Election Dearborn Heights 2017

It’s a New Year and I’m ready how about you? Are you all ready to work to get a new Mayor elected to our City? Are you ready after all these years of being ignored to put someone in office that cares for all of Dearborn Heights? Aren’t we all ready to put out of office an administration that has done little to nothing to help our City properly? I know I’m. I know I’ve had all I can take of a Mayor that ignored a whole are of our City for a decade. I know I’ve had enough of this Mayor who only cares about the elderly of this City come election time. A Mayor who turned his back on them when it mattered the most. Just ask some of our elderly how they feel when they have to take out their trash can every week. Ask them if the Mayor met with them to see about making sure they could get a smaller trash can? He didn’t, but be sure he will be asking for their vote come election day.

Ask those who live on the south end when was the last time the Mayor didn’t belittle them, insult them, or just ignore them? He hasn’t. The Mayor of Dearborn Heights has spent all his years in office doing everything he can to forget about those residents on the South side. Oh, be sure he is going to holler from the rooftops his great accomplishment of those homes bought with grant funds. To be sure this was a wonderful thing and yes those residents don’t have to suffer flooding again. I say the Mayor was left with little choice in the matter and after years of these residents suffering he did what he should have years ago. Now it’s election season and the Mayor will do what he does best mention this or that or put into effect one thing or another. He will start acting like he cares and I hope this time you’re not going to be fooled into believing that he gives a damn about any of us? He doesn’t.

Oh, the Mayor will be pushing to outsource your 911 dispatch to Dearborn becoming the salesman that we’ve all come accustomed to. You know the one that only comes out when he desperately needs to sell us something that isn’t really in our best interest. That salesman that will get you to go along with something even though you know it’s not good for our City. Remember the Headlee Override sales job. He did a great job on that scared residents into believing if we didn’t pass it we wouldn’t have our first responders anymore. Guess what? He got his Headlee and he’s still set to move our 911 dispatch to Dearborn. The City isn’t a partner in this we are the customer a customer without a backup plan if this fails. The final numbers aren’t in yet and a contract hasn’t come from the City of Dearborn, but it’s coming. Oh and I’m sure he has his ‘Yes Votes’ all lined up on the City Council. I’m sure the 1,000 people who signed that petition who voiced they didn’t want this are not even a consideration for this Mayor and his ‘Yes Votes’ What they don’t understand these are 1,000 residents who are paying attention to what happens. These are residents that vote. These are 1,000 out of on average the 6,000 that go to the polls and vote.

Yes, our Mayor is a great salesman and he has all the ‘yes’ people he needs on the City Council. Yet come election day what is going to happen? Are we residents going to fall for this sales job again? It’s already started the announcement of a new website for the City. Yep as if we haven’t heard this before around the last election. We didn’t get it then and the Mayor hasn’t budgeted for a new website now. The contract with the City of Dearborn’s IT department doesn’t include a New Website so who is he kidding? Us that’s who. This is the same Mayor who made sure that the four-day work week was part of the employee contracts. Now those contracts are opened up and being negotiated. Oh, but wait; he’s given back the 10% to most if not all of his department heads and they still only work four days a week. All indications are the City when negotiations are over and done will not go back to a five-day work week. That, however, can change rumors are just that rumors after all and I’m not in the room.

We do deserve better then this dear resident and this year we will have it. When the time comes are you going to be ready? Are you going to make sure you do everything you can to get a new Mayor? Are all of us ready to pick up the heavy load of election season? Are we going to put in the time it will take to make sure we get what we deserve? It’s not going to be easy. It will take time, energy and yes money. Are we going to get out to the polls? Are all of us going to make sure we get our family and friends to the polls? Are we going to walk our neighborhoods, knock on those doors, make those calls, and use our social media to get the word out? I’m ready, are you? When the time comes all of us are going to have to do our part the alternative is keeping Double Dipping Dan as our Mayor and I know from what I hear this for many isn’t an option that they want to consider. If it’s not an option for you then get ready it’s 2017 and it’s an election year.


6 thoughts on “Get Ready It’s 2017, And It’s An Election Year.”

  1. There is a name out there and a very good one at that. When the time comes for the announcement I hope everyone is going to help. There are some very good names for council members too. Stay tuned.


  2. To your knowledge, are there people willing to run for mayor or council who could mount an effective challenge? Working hard for a candidate is one thing, but working hard for a candidate who is a viable alternative for voters is another. Also, are there any efforts being considered for voter registration drives? You can’t vote if you’re not registered.


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