There Is An Ugly Pattern In The City Of Dearborn Heights.

Many of you know what happened at the last council meeting what you might not know is this is a pattern that has played out for years now. The pattern of identifying and targeting council members who

  1. Work for the residents
  2. Want transparency
  3. Won’t play ball with the administration
  4. Ask to many questions
  5. Do not vote inline with the Mayor

One time such a thing played out right in my home. Years ago we were friendly with Mayor Dan Paletko when we were drinking the ‘kool aid’ and thought he was so wonderful. We were fooled. It’s been years now and we do understand just what kind of person he is. Years ago former council member Janet Badalow wanted the ‘check registry’ made public. This is every check written by the City the amount and to who. She fought for years for this( it never happened) the Mayor and some sitting and former council members targeted her. In the Mayor’s office Zouher Abdel-Hak was asked by the Mayor and others in attendance to ‘dig up dirt’ on then councilwoman Janet Badalow. Zouher talked with Janet Badalow and discovered what the real reason was for this request.

She explained to Zouher what she was asking for (the check registry to be public) and why they would go to such lengths to tarnish her in the public eye. Latter when it was time for Janet to run for re-election the Mayor and others some who are sitting on the council brought an individual to my home and asked him to run for City Council against her. I sat and listened to what was being said as to why she needed to be removed from the council. I said nothing just listened and was disgusted. The Mayor wanted her gone because she was asking too many questions that’s what it boiled down too in the end. She wasn’t playing ball in other words she had stopped drinking the kool-aid. That folks was the beginning of the end for us and Mayor Double Dipping Dan.  The man didn’t run for her seat on the council and we didn’t go against Janet Badalow in any way. That is just one instance, but similar things have been playing out this way for years.

Whenever there is a council member who dares

to speak up for the residents… Who dares question what this administration is doing, who doesn’t vote yes on everything the Mayor wants, and who dares to want to be transparent or hold the Mayor accountable are targeted.

First identified and then targeted for harassment by fellow council members and the administration working hand in hand to,

  1. Make them shut up
  2. Make it so hard that they quit or don’t run for reelection
  3. Never support any of their resolutions
  4. Fight them on everything they try to do
  5. Make them ineffective council members

Right now folks there is an ongoing effort to make life so miserable for Councilman Ray Muscat he’s the new target. This hasn’t happened by chance this has been an ongoing effort by this administration who have gained favor with a couple on our City Council to get the job done. Nothing that happens in this City happens by chance and the campaign against Councilman Muscat has begun. Not one resident who was in the room that night has been contacted by the Dearborn Heights police department that I’m aware of. Police reports filed yet where is the investigation into this? A report should be investigated witness statements taken or at least that’s what I thought happens. Is it possible that they are going to try and use what happened after the last council meeting against him? Oh yes I’m sure right now there are many who are working very hard to try and make just that very thing happen. If you are a Proud Member of the Peanut Gallery show up and show your support for Councilman Ray Muscat at the first council meeting of the new year 1-10-2017.


To Councilman Ray Muscat stay, fight and know please know that you have so many residents out here that are looking to you and two others on that Council as our voice.

#TTP #WeDemandBetter


4 thoughts on “There Is An Ugly Pattern In The City Of Dearborn Heights.”

  1. CASE# 16-22172 – -YES…. we need to support our Council persons Ray Muscat & Lisa Hicks-Clayton, who were both threatened by two members of the ‘peanut gallery’!!! * * IF you witnessed that fiasco on 12-13-16 CC Meeting . . . then GO to the Police & GIVE a Witness Account & provide any videos!! I made my report FINALLY on 12-23-16. Better late than NEVER! Maybe then we can then eliminate this problem from happening again. …. Ray Muscat & Lisa Hicks-Clayton HAVE been a VOICE for all of us….It’s time for US to stand up for them too. If we don’t SUPPORT each other – we’ll go nowhere. CASE# 16-22172

    We DON’T want another persecution like what Janet Badelow went thru to happen to OUR newest & most outspoken & supportive council persons.


  2. Just a comment about #peanutgallery. I think this is childish and should be eliminated. To my mind, it also doesn’t show us the respect we should demand.


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