A Statement From Patrick Horvath.

This post is from Patrick Horvath who messaged me and asked me to post here on the Truth Page. Patrick Horvath isn’t a member of the Truth Page. So I said that I would pass this on to the members here. I will ask that there be no bad remarks made about this man here. No name calling, I hope all of you will keep this in mind when reading what he has to say. Thank you
This has been copied and pasted here from a direct message sent to me by Patrick Horvath exactly as he wrote it.

Being a former resident of 30 years. And following what goes on here because my mother and a lot of my friends still live in Dearborn Heights… I see on this page and DH South East page managed by some grandma there is a lot of talk about Rizzo… I want to make something clear… And this is public info out of Wayne County public records… Three council members who get most of the credit for everything. Were the three who took campaign money for there campaigns… Yes it was totally leagel. But these three have stired up most of the trouble with Rizzo and the trash cans…


8 thoughts on “A Statement From Patrick Horvath.”

  1. Oh, Tom, I’ve gone after the council for years you can read here all of that too. The Council is only as good as the information it gets, to begin with from the Mayor. The Council, if it doesn’t have the votes to do something can get nothing done they have to have four votes to pass or block something. The Mayor has been controlling the vote on the council for years by having his solid yes votes on that council. That’s why this year I’m supporting other candidates for council and for the Mayor. There are things that council has managed to get done for the residents, but I’m the first to agree not many. It’s important to remember we have a strong Mayor weak Council form of government in this City. We have an administration that limits what information it gives to the council. An administration that gives complex contracts to the council and then tells them we have to vote on it right away. This has been going on for years. The Rizzo (GFL) contract is only the resent example of this. As far as them being my council they haven’t been my council for a very long time. There are three council members on the City Council I feel have and are looking out for the best interest of the resident and shown that in their vote, and how they deal with the public. Councilmen Abdallah and Muscat and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. The most recent thing the council did for us and that was a fight was to let the residents speak before the council meeting about anything that is on the agenda. That was the three I mentioned and Council Chair Bob Constan who fought to make sure that passed.

    There’s a history here Tom for the past seven years not sure how many council meetings you’ve gone to or watched, but there are certain patterns that have played out over the years. I make no secret I DO NOT LIKE THE MAYOR. I believe the Mayor has meddled so much in City Council that they are no longer a separate branch of Government. Not when the majority who sit at that table are there to pass or stop what ever the Mayor wants.


  2. It sounds like you say one thing and then flip and say another. That’s called flip flopping. Or it’s also call spinning. You can blame everything you want on the Mayor. Look at that council… Tell me one thing that your council has done for you the resident???? And don’t spin it. Name one thing?


  3. Tom
    Clueless is not how I would discribe myself I’ve been watching and writing for a very long time. That really isn’t the issue now is it? Those that Rizzo gave campaign controbutions too on the City Council voted NO. The Mayor who all so received money is who brought Rizzo (GFL) to the City in the first place. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton only changed her vote after it was told to the council by the Mayor that there wasn’t a back up plan. Even after the City Council has instruced him to put something together at a perviouse meeting. Her vote was a result of the Mayor and his administration poor planning or no planning. Similar to the position councilwoman Horvath found herself in a few years back when she had to change her no vote on a police contract to a yes vote. Again because of the Mayor and what he said would happen if they didn’t vote for the contract. At that time councilwoman Horvath believed what he said and changed her vote. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like what happened now, but in the end all roads go back to Double Dipping Dan.


  4. Then if you back your three council members who took the money from Rizzo? Then why are you blaming everyone else for the garbage can problem?? Are you really that clueless???


  5. Yes, it’s true that the three people who have been the most outspoken about how the trash cans, trash pick-up, the disabled and elderly have been treated did take campaign contributions from Rizzo now GFL. They are all so the same three who voted no to Rizzo (GFL) yes it’s true I support these three council members because they support us the residents in all that they do. Yes, they have our backs so I will have theirs. I stand proudly by Councilman Abdallah, Councilman Muscat, and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton.


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