Dearborn Heights City Council Meetings Toxic To Dangerous.


On December 13, 2016, after a City Council meeting two council members that have stood with us residents were harassed and threatened. During the Council meeting, the relative of one council member talked, jeered, and intimidated disabled residents while they were talking at the podium. After the council meeting was over and residents still in the room this same relative charged the council table pointing his finger and yelling at Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. Seeing this Councilman Ray Muscat stood up and confronted this relative of another council member. Chief Gavin who was leaving the chamber was called back in by Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. As if this wasn’t enough the assistant to the Mayor took it upon herself to threaten Councilman Ray Muscat with bodily harm. Not her, but to call her husband and have him come and kick Councilman Muscat’s you know what. The assistant to the Mayor according to those in the council chambers was pushed out of the chambers and shoved into a small room where she could be heard hitting walls, doors, and yelling at the top of her lungs.

The relative of a Council member was waiting in the hall outside the chambers causing those elderly residents who were still in the room not to leave. They have said they were ‘afraid’ and felt ‘threatened’ to leave the council chamber. They were afraid of this relative they didn’t know who this person was waiting for. The residents who were talking at the podium didn’t know at the time who this individual was. Later they found out it was a relative of a Council member. Police reports hfiled by both council members against the assistant to the Mayor and the relative of a council member. There might be further action taken by the State Police being contacted and PPO’s taken out against both individuals. None of this is on video it happened after the meeting was over and that brings me to this.

photo_808_20060112Mayor Dan Paletko #DDD has given all the power to his assistant very evident from what has taken place at now two meetings. I would like to remind the Mayor we do not have a Deputy Mayor and the authority of your assistant should not exceed outside your office sir. It most certainly has no place at a council meeting. While the residents do not have control over who you hire we do have control over who is Mayor of the City of Dearborn Heights. Not sure Mayor Double Dipping Dan if you get a kick out of your assistant threatening residents and that is who Councilman Ray Muscat is. He is a resident of the City of Dearborn Heights. He was elected by his fellow residents of Dearborn Heights as a councilman and should be treated with respect while in the council chamber by your hires. Are you Mr. Mayor instructing her to do these things at council meetings? It sure looks that way why else would you sit silently by and let your assistant do and say such things if you didn’t approve of it?

Have you Mr. Mayor devised a plan to try to get council members that are standing with the residents removed from the City Council? Is this your master plan Mr. Mayor because they won’t do as you want them to so let’s just harass them into submission?  To those council members that are sitting silently by letting this happen your silence ‘isn’t golden’ in this instance. The opposite by sitting by and letting these things happen you are condoning what the Mayor want’s to happen. This is just a little to coordinated for me to think this isn’t all planned out by you Mr. Mayor. Is it just by chance that the council member who is so chummy with you and your assistant has a relative who would go after a council member and at the same time your assistant goes after the other council member? Both of whom are standing with residents.

The Citytoxic-waste Council has gone from being toxic to downright dangerous.




While the City Clerk has bullet-proof glass put in for his safety because he was worried about someone coming into City Hall with a Gun. Well, at this last meeting the finger pointed at councilwoman Hicks-Clayton could have been a gun. I know that is extreme right but think about the times we are living in. People can no longer just disagree with someone it’s taken to new levels. The threat of harm to a council member by anyone should and must be taken very seriously. In the world today telling someone you are sending anyone to ‘Kick The Ass’ of someone is unacceptable.  We do not know these people on a personal level. We do not know what problems if any they have in their lives. We don’t know if they’ve had a bad day. We don’t know if they’ve been wound up and sent out spinning. No, I think in all fairness all further meetings should be canceled until there is a resolution to this problem. For the safety of the residents that go to council meetings and for the safety of our elected council members.

I will be at the first meeting of the new year whenever that is I ask others to join me. If you don’t feel safe going I understand I will be recording either Facebook Live or recording what is happening in the room. If there is an individual there who thinks they can harass, jeer, intimidate those who want to speak at the podium. Try to do that while you are streamed live. Not sure about all of you, but I’ve had enough I’ve had enough for a very long time, but what is happening now is on a whole new level. No Mr. Mayor you will not threaten, harass, and bully council members and residents into submission. You Mayor Double Dipping Dan will not give your marching orders to those who are willing to do your dirty work for you without this being placed at your feet. You Mr. Mayor are the architect of what has happened at council meetings and you sir will be held accountable for it all.


3 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights City Council Meetings Toxic To Dangerous.”

  1. These kind of actions are disturbing to say the least. What does the counsel plan to do about people that threaten or harass citizens. Is this type action out of counsel’s realm of duties? All I can say is I’m embarrassed by our city government. Things have got to change. Who would want to buy a home here and raise their children in such a dangerous city.

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  2. Friday to Monday City Hall is closed City Hall is always safe to visit, but not so sure about council meetings these days not with this Mayor in office no one knows who he’s going to wind up next and send them out to do his dirty work.


  3. Hard to believe, in this era of ‘feeling naked’ without a cell phone, that none of this was put on video. Also surprised that the media did not mention any of the ruckus.

    What day is the city hall closed? What are the safest times to visit?


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