There are 130,000 reasons the Mayor will run again in 2017.

Having directed the City of Dearborn Heights corporation counsel to put together an ordinance that expired on or about November 30th, 2016 that granted him the right to,

  1. Retire and stay in office.
  2. Collect his pension and a full salary ‘unlike others a few years back who took an early out received their pension and stayed working for the City at a reduced salary.’

This ordinance expired and is no longer offered to employees of Dearborn Heights. The ‘Pension Ordinance’ crafted by the Mayor did benefit two other employees of the City only after the Mayor approached them according to what some are saying over at City Hall. The Mayor is now set to collect $130,000.00 a year or there about between salary and pension unlike union employees who pay into their pensions Double Dipping Dan hasn’t paid into his pension. Why would he not run?

Having cleared out his campaign fund and sending over $20,000.00 to Main Street Strategies some are saying to prepay for the upcoming 2017 election. The Mayor used these same Public Relations Counselors against Janet Badalow when she ran for Mayor against him. Money well spent by our Mayor no doubt he won. Mayor Double Dipping Dan Paletko won that election even with a deficit, and Headlee Override that residents are still paying for.

Former state rep candidate gets lopsided settlement in defamation lawsuit

Strategist agrees to apologize for robocall against Macomb politician accused of taking ‘dirty pictures’

What Has Double Dipping Dan Brought To The Residents?

  • Headlee Override.
  • Closed City Down One Day A Week.
  • Outsourcing of Assessor.
  • Push to outsource 911 dispatch.
  • Push on trash hauler to Rizzo -no backup plan.
  • A Deficit of $5.2 million.
  • Spend down of a $10 million rainy day fund.
  • Elderly and Disabled not identified before new trash cans bought.
  • Use of Taxpayer money for a party by invitation only, for select City Council members.
  • Over-charging residents for years on the CSO.
  • Outdated website.
  • No use of social media
  • Employee illegally hired and moved from one department to another for a year.
  • Over-spending of the NSP program.
  • Use of Water Fund money for a private property project .
  • No tracking of City Used Vehicles by City Employees.
  • No tracking of fuel consumption by DPW.
  • IT contract given to one company for years and not going out for bid.
  • Not hiring a professional Grant Writer.
  • Allowing his assistant to negotiate Union Contracts for years that directly benefit them.
  • No Vector Control.
  • Use of Corporation Counsel to create a new department to keep an employee illegally hired by the Mayor.
  • Pension Ordinance that benefited himself.
  • No, public check registry even though promised years ago.
  • Little to no transparency.

There is more but I think enough to start with.


4 thoughts on “There are 130,000 reasons the Mayor will run again in 2017.”

  1. Joyce, What’s the problem? So you are paying the govt 50% in taxes. Is that going to stop you from earning more? That is nothing new, just a progressive tax rate, the more you make, the more you pay. The rich have been paying close to that rate for years, supporting the govt, while 47% have been paying nothing in Federal taxes, getting a free ride on all the govt services , roads ,etc….

    The Dearborn Hts mayor is just following the rules, an example of govt politics……but, as Linda has pointed out, we can change the rules…….


  2. I retired from Ford and work part time. If I earn over a certain amount of Money (think it’s $14,000 this year) I have to pay the government back $1 for every $2 I earn in retirement over the $14,000. Please note, the amount you can earn changes every year. Call social security and they will verify


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