Harass and Bash Standard For The Administration.

This is a post from Dearborn Heights 48125 East page on Facebook.

Here are screen shots from the conversation that ensued between the Mayor’s assistant, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton, and a resident Deb Eng.

kkrystina-kramarz-comment-on-dearborn-heights-east-fb-page krystina-kramarz-on-dearborn-heights-east-page-on-fb


If you would like to see all of the comments just head on over


That folks is the assistant to the Mayor. Nothing mentioned about the disabled and elderly who can’t handle the trash cans. Except to say they ‘offer a smaller can what the assistant to the Mayor didn’t say in her Facebook reply was at a price with a doctor’s note no mention of the fact that their tax dollars already bought the can.’ Nothing about the fact that residents still don’t know where to put their cans street or curb.

Rat subject well not enough of you residents called the City you posted on Facebook you bad, bad resident you posting on Facebook where people can see just what is going on. Remember the administration likes to hide everything.  That’s the answer not enough of you called the City.

Insulting a resident who dares to speak out against the administration. Folks this is Double Dipping Dan Paletko standard operation 101. When a resident gets a little too close to the truth and dares to speak out against them. Just tarnish their reputation. If a council member goes to far from daddy Dan scold them and smear them. Harass, and Bash. That’s what he’s been doing for years. Someone says something at a council meeting and residents call to ask questions just tell residents he’s got a personal vendetta against me.  When a resident gathers information on a subject that proves the administration wrong. Well as you can see call them uneducated, uninformed, and closed-minded. Say scandalous things about the person all in an effort to discredit that person.


Council members do the same thing Joe Must Go asked for a residents degrees when he was speaking at a council meeting. This resident discovered that the City had been over-charging the residents for millions of dollars on the CSO. That was admitted to at a council meeting and since has stopped. All because a resident dared to stand up do some searching and discovered that was what was happening. If that resident wouldn’t have brought that fight to the City Council and Mayor do you think it would have ended? Don’t you think it’s time we have elected officials that won’t insult us? Don’t let this scare you if nothing else it should piss you off and get you up and out to take back your City from an administration who insults you. Remember this guy’s and start getting together with your neighbors start having “Did You Know Gatherings.” it’s time we need to start now there aren’t enough residents in the City who are aware of what is taking place.


1 thought on “Harass and Bash Standard For The Administration.”

  1. This administration is running scared because residents are calling their bluff and challenging them. We need to keep them on the run. We need to get a new administration in office in November 2017.


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