Nice Sumary Of The City Council Study Session On 11-29-2016 From Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton

The Dearborn Heights City Council study session subject was the River Oaks Pond Restoration Project.  This is a 20 year plus issue, which has remained unresolved. According to the civil engineers- Wade Trim, the blocked fountain, a natural spring, is blocked from sediment.  The sediment comes from the run off, which is a tributary.  The blockages create a stagnant pond, which is overgrown and mosquito infested.  Wade Trim reports 50% of the subdivision and public roads contribute to the pond.
During Mayor Ruth Canfield’s term, the City of Dearborn Heights applied for a grant to fix the problem.  At this point in history, by applying for a grant and attempt to resolve the issue, the City of Dearborn Heights acknowledges some responsibility, setting a precedent.  This is the argument the Mayor and Corporate Attorney presents.
The City of Dearborn Heights has allocated and approved $250,000 in the water budget for this River Oaks Pond Restoration. This was done and continues to be included, in the water budget since 2014.  I was the only no vote on this item..I publicly stated, in 2014, I did not feel it should be in the budget until verification and backup is presented confirming the tributary and liability on behalf of the City of Dearborn Heights by the engineering firm.  Currently, the City Council did authorize Wade Trim $40,000 to complete a study and bring forward information.  This is ongoing.
My questions remain, on will be based on the Wade Trim findings, how is the City of Dearborn Heights a tributary?  What percentage ?  How was this determined?  What liability does Wayne County have as a tributary, i.e. Evergreen contributing forces?  Contribute to the fix costs? Ford Road is a State road.  Does is contribute?  How much?  Are they liable and contribute to  cost of the fix?
In the meantime, the current directive is for the River Oaks Neighborhood Association to complete the petition survey on the Special Assessment.  The total project is estimated at $400,000.  River Oaks would need a Special Assessment for $150,000.  They must initiate public hearings , necessity, and assessment, to proceed.  In addition, River Oaks would be liable for all future maintenance moving forward and must prepare a sustainable action plan.  That is the responsibility of the River Oaks Neighborhood Association, not the City of Dearborn Heights.
In closing, please feel free to contact me for further assistance at (313) 348-9848.
Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman

4 thoughts on “Nice Sumary Of The City Council Study Session On 11-29-2016 From Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton”

  1. So what if it is a natural spring? The water can be diverted to the Rouge, sediment issues and recurrent costs are avoided, and appearances can be maintained with an electrically operated fountain.

    However, if a natural spring is ‘important’, perhaps we can bottle the water from the spring and use the proceeds to finance our own 911 dispatch. I have contacts with Absopure, let me know….


  2. A simple solution would be to divert the spring water to the river via culverts and sewers, by-passing the sediments etc, cost is relatively cheap, and fix the fountain by installing an electric pump and recycling the same water. The fountain does not have to be spring water…..


  3. Why is it our “esteemed” mayor can always find money for things like this that in my opinion is not our responsibility but can’t find the money to open our city offices for 5 days a week? How long is this going to go on? He finds money to set up a new ordinance to give himself a $100,000 a year pension and $40,000 for study for this pond but the rest of us I guess are just not important.


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