Therefor Be It Resolved That The Residents Of Dearborn Heights Don’t Want To OutSource Our 911 Dispatch.

From Kenneth Paris on the Keep Our 911 Facebook Page.photo_22716_20121102

the minutes of the November 1, 2016 Dearborn City Council Meeting are posted on the Dearborn City website. I previously stated that I would send you the resolution showing Dearborn has recognized and accepted $214,000+ from Dearborn Heights. This information is on page 17 of the On-line council minutes, as shown below. Other interesting information is posted on the site immediately before this resolution. The Council minutes in entirety is shown below, followed by the resolution in question.…/3629-november-1-2016-regul…/file

WHEREAS: The MIS Director is requesting that $214,300 in service fees from Dearborn Heights be recognized and $294,900 in expenditures be appropriated from General Fund fund balance in the Police Department, Dispatch budget to fund consolidated dispatch operations for the remainder of FY17. The amendment to expenditures is anticipated to exceed service fees collected because start-up costs are anticipated beginning in January but services will not actually be provided to Dearborn Heights until three months later; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Finance Director is hereby authorized to recognize $214,300 in service fees from Dearborn Heights and to appropriate $294,900 in expenditures from General Fund fund balance in the Police Department, Dispatch budget to fund Consolidated Dispatch Center Operations for the remainder of FY17.
This resolution was unanimously adopted.

Email exchange,

Good Morning Councilmembers Abdallah, Hicks-Clayton and Muscat,
I sent a letter to each Dearborn Councilmember asking about the $214,300 from Dearborn Heights for their 911 Dispatch Center.  A reply is below.  Here is my take on the answer.  We are paying $71,433.00 to Dearborn every month for some kind of service and they are putting that money towards their 911 Dispatch Center.
What service are we paying $71,433.00 to Dearborn on a monthly basis or $214,300.00 for three months of service?
Thank You,
Ms. Todd,
I am attaching the back-up material for the item you refer to. As it says in the resolution the $214,300 is a “charges for services”. On the second page of the back-up material there is a notation that this revenue is from 3 months Dearborn Heights charges. These fees were approved according to the policies and procedures of Dearborn Heights, I do not know who approved them. I also imagine these funds were paid by Dearborn Heights for the services rendered, but not specifically “to go towards the consolidated dispatch center”.Thank you,
Laura K. Freeman
Dearborn City Council Office
16901 Michigan Ave. #10
Dearborn, MI 48126
Office: (313) 943-3955
Fax:      (313) 943-2842


I spoke with John Laub, our new Comptroller on this issue again. This has not been submitted to the City of Dearborn Heights Comptroller for payment, the $214k or any installments of $77k for IT or the 911 Dispatch Consolidated Service Center. Once it is submitted, the Dearborn Heights City Council would need to approve or dissaprove via Current Claims during a regular City Council meeting .
In addition ,  these amounts would exceed to current budget for IT services, as included in the City of Dearborn Heights Budget FY 16/17, which is $100k.
This greatly concerns me, as the City Council approved the Letter of Intent ,  which does create some legal liabilities .   This is the reason I voted no. A Letter of Intent is more than just exploratory.   I understand  the City of Dearborn would like monies by January ,  2017. Dearborn Heights City Council has one more meeting for the 2016 year.
In closing, I do not support the outsourcing of the Dearborn Heights 911 Dispatch services .  In addition ,  I do not support paying for an services related to this item, especially  “pay before we buy or see a contract . ” Please feel free to contact me at ( 313 ) 348 -9848, if I may be of further assistance .
Respectfully ,
Lisa Hicks – Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman
Here is the letter of intent and letter from Mayor Dan Paletko to the City Council of Dearborn Heights.
So they are going to come to Dearborn Heights not sure when to ask for this money because,

consolidated dispatch operations for the remainder of FY17. The amendment to expenditures is anticipated to exceed service fees collected because start-up costs are anticipated beginning in January but services will not actually be provided to Dearborn Heights until three months later; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Finance Director is hereby authorized to recognize $214,300 in service fees from Dearborn Heights

Except in the email sent from Dearborn it states,

On the second page of the back-up material there is a notation that this revenue is from 3 months Dearborn Heights charges. These fees were approved according to the policies and procedures of Dearborn Heights, I do not know who approved them. I also imagine these funds were paid by Dearborn Heights for the services rendered,

photo_55492_20151127So on the one hand, they are going to ask for money because expenditures are anticipated to exceed service fees collected because the start-up cost will start in January but services won’t start until three months later. Okay and that is the problem of the Dearborn Heights Taxpayer how?  The council hasn’t even seen this contract to vote on it and they want money by January. Just when do they think this is going to be put on the agenda? There is on meeting left for the Year is the Mayor going to pull on of his famous moves ‘hurry up we need to pass it right now.’ Has the Mayor given guarantees to Jack over there in Dearborn that he can get this done? Are council members really going to ignore what the residents of the City are saying once again? Based on what I’m hearing out of City Hall the Mayor say’s it’s a done deal and he has the votes to pass the 911 dispatch contract. So who has he been talking to on the Council? Are the council members we rely on going to turn their backs on us and vote to give this Mayor one more thing he wants.  We know CM Joe, CM Tom, and CW Marge will give the Mayor what he wants they’ve made it clear for years they could care less what the residents are asking for. What about the rest CM Ray and CW Lisa have said they are NO votes so that leaves CM Bob and CM Dave.

Have council members even looked at the record of Dearborn and the managing of their projects? How many have come in on time and with-in budget? Over the past 20 odd years, Dearborn has had one failed project after another just ask around. The last people I want in charge of my life or the lives of my family members is the City of Dearborn.  The Mayor wants to sell the residents and the council this bull shit yeah I said it. That this is going to save us money.  If council and the Mayor are so concerned about saving us money why have department heads gotten their 10% back before going to work five days a week? Why did the Mayor ask for and get his salary and a pension if we are so hard up for money that we need to outsource our 911 dispatch? How could they vote yes on this given what Dearborn is soon to be asking for? If that doesn’t raise a red flag what will? So sure is the Mayor of the Yes vote to approve this is it a surprise? He plays the council like his well-played violin. Whatever tune he want’s them to dance to he just plays and they dance wonder when they will dance to our tune. I hope what I’m hearing is wrong not sure how many it will take to stand up, show up and yell,


Maybe one of the council members could give me a number of residents they need to hear from or show up at a council meeting to speak at that podium in order for them to understand. How many residents are even aware that this is happening? How much has the administration tried to inform the residents that this is something that could happen? Has this administration taken the time to hear from the residents? Has the administration done a poll? The Mayor sat with Jack over there in Dearborn for two years that’s what he said. In those two years did he take the time to inform his residents that this was what he was looking into. No, No, and No why should he? He will shove this down our throats and tell us here you go take it and shut up. Those who vote for outsourcing our 911 on the City Council will be doing the same thing to us. I’m mad are you yet? If you are what are you going to do about it. Are you going to inform your neighbors, are you willing to walk door to door to let them know what’s going on?  Who’s willing to give money to send out  City-wide literature to each household informing residents of what’s going to happen?

Maybe we should just let it happen without a fight and wait for the 2017 election. I don’t know what to do anymore and for sure this blog and the Facebook Page aren’t the only solution to this more has to be done.




22 thoughts on “Therefor Be It Resolved That The Residents Of Dearborn Heights Don’t Want To OutSource Our 911 Dispatch.”

  1. Interesting summary of last year, my comments on Dearborn Hts’s website have not changed. In fact, perhaps that is where the $70k or so per month was spent, with Dearborn showing Dbn Hts where the ‘on’ button is on their computers. Dbn Hts would do better just to hire a local IT guy from the private sector, and leave it at that.

    The 911 dispatch at Dearborn is ‘state of the art’, and if , in a few years , when Dearborn Hts current equipment gets ‘tired’, consolidation can be revisited by Dbn Hts. to join with Dearborn, or buy more of it’s own. The new Mayor of Dearborn Hts will no doubt tour the 911 dispatch center at Dearborn, and should be ‘dutifully impressed’.

    Anything new on Warren Valley? It would be nice if the County would release a ‘balance sheet’ , so we can see how much county employees were soaking the golfers…

    Anything new on Canfield Ice Arena? Anyone bother to try and collect the back rent? Is it still condemned?

    Meanwhile, residents still continue to set off fireworks, what a patriotic bunch we are…….


  2. lived here over 45yrs south end seen crooks come an go more of same vote out city return to township clean house


  3. and one more anon….and DR……Make sure that greeter can speak both Arabic and English…. and the sign above the greeter says “Information”… it’s not like Walmart…..but the Information desk is the first thing you see when entering Dearborn City Hall….. All the other offices and help desks are behind the info desk. The”greeter’ takes your request, immediately contacts the appropriate dept , gives a ‘heads up’ to that dept as to the nature of the issue so they can either help, or duck the issue. Most of the time they help.
    Each time I visit, the line to the ‘greeter’ is no more that 3-4 people long.

    I would not bother with Dearborn Hts, but I grew up there, and still have properties in the city. Everytime I deal with the Dearborn Hts city hall , I leave frustrated… answers, so I understand the stone wall you are facing. I broke through that wall by going to the courts, suing the city, and each time they cave in.
    With Dearborn, as you point out DR, they are not exactly ‘golden either. ‘f they tell you one thing and do another, take the city to court. That is what the residents of Dearborn do…..otherwise the city officials will ‘stray’…….

    It seems dumb to sue a city to enforce improvements, especially those that will cost less than $500 to implement. Government has gotten way too big for it’s britches…….In the private sector, not an issue. With my company….I am the defacto Mayor… still not an issue…..but at least I listen to reason, or the bottom line, aka profit, will suffer….so that is a ‘checks and balance’ of some sort.

    Regarding the 911 dispatch issue, all we can do is attend the meetings and get all the info we can. Dearborn has problems as well, but at least one can talk about them with city folk and get some sort of answers, ….. thank God for that ‘Greeter’……:}


  4. And one more anonymous,

    Thank you and you are right it hasn’t added to a solution to the 911 dispatch. Lee Jacobsen, it’s clear that you have a bias towards the City of Dearborn and that’s fine it’s your home. We who live in Dearborn Heights don’t find the City of Dearborn the end all for us. I have a business in Dearborn and I’ve watched that City operate for years, not everything they touch ‘turns to gold’ no much of what they touch turns to S@!# the problem in Dearborn Heights is the administration and those on City Council who do nothing except vote how the Mayor want’s them to on any given issue. I’ve been writing about this same subject for years. In all those years nothing has changed except we added two new council members that are working as hard as they can for the residents. Still isn’t enough votes to get done what needs to happen. The Mayor has interfered so much in the council that in my, opinion it’s no longer a check/balance on the Mayor.
    Moving forward to 2017 the goal is to remove the Mayor and to get those who don’t have the best interest of the residents of this city at heart of the Council. Those council members that have been a yes vote for the Mayor no matter what have to go. That ‘Pocket Vote Council person’ has to go. Joe must Go who does nothing but insult residents has to go. it’s going to be a large undertaking I know that but it’s our time and if this 911 dispatch goes through it’s just one more thing to add to a very long list of things that have been done to the residents of this City. With that I will just say get ready everyone because this is going to take work no more sitting around soon enough the time will come to take action. Make sure you come to the 911 dispatch informational update December, 13, 2016 show your support to #keepour911.


  5. All of these issues have been brought before the mayor and the council who have chosen not to act. Didn’t you understand that all of these conversations on the blog have been about an administration, that when presented with concerns by the residents, deliberately decided not to act? Did you think that the people posting here didn’t have “half a brain” and realize that? People like you with their condescending, simplistic viewpoints are incredible. It all starts with having a greeter at city hall, folks! My god, why didn’t we think of that! All of our troubles are over! Hooray! Of course the leadership needs to be changed. You might have noticed that concept being discussed in almost every post. We have had an ego-driven, bully for a mayor who is dismissive of the residents and their needs long enough. That needs to change in 2017.

    This particular thread has added nothing to the solution of the 911 dispatch and for my part in that I apologize. This conversation ends. Now.


  6. and one more anon………Who am I addressing my comments to, my suggestions to? Hopefully someone with connections to the city administration that has half a brain and can make a decision. In Dearborn, this decision would be handled promptly. A greeter at city hall would direct one to the appropriate person at city hall who would discuss the matter with a resident, in this case, enhancing the web site, and it would be explained , or added to an agenda to be further discussed, in Dearborn’s case, at a ‘meeting of the round’. That meeting decides issues brought before the council. Issues average around 25-35 , and each are voted upon.

    Discussing the matter includes contacts on who can do the work, quotes , the scope of what needs to be done, all stuff that can be brought by an interested resident to be considered for approval. This information is consolidated into a form that is presented to the meeting of the round. Keep in mind that a meeting of the round in Dearborn is essentially a less formal council meeting, as everyone, including the mayor, is present. Residents are allowed to participate.

    Dearborn Heights leadership needs some housecleaning if something as simple as discussing and approving an IT proposal is so ‘overwhelming’ as you suggest. In the private sector I own and run a manufacturing company. It’s small, around 140 employees. This example of IT and a website etc is a two or three meeting issue for our management, the first meeting the issue is brought to the table by a manager, who got it usually from an employee. It is discussed, with handouts, questions are discussed, a second meeting handles details revealed such as quotes and costs, more questions are dealt with , and usually at the second meeting, a consensus is reached and approved for action, at which point a PO (purchase order) is approved and issued. Funds are allocated from the appropriate budget, in this case sales and advertising. I am sure the DH council can act as ‘smartly’ as my managers in a meeting.

    You call the recent election a ‘debacle’. Such thinking may explain why a simple purchase of IT service is so ‘overwhelming’ on this blog…….


  7. Mr. Jacobsen, do you pay attention to anything written here? Who are you talking to when you suggest contracting with someone? Do you understand how things work? Who would pay for this? Who would approve it? Who would have the authority to present this to the council? All of this would need to occur before a payment could be legally authorized. You really don’t have a clue, do you?

    Another thing: this isn’t exactly the place for individual political arguments to be made about your president-elect. You have made a number of comments in your posts of this nature and it adds nothing to the topic and only serves to incite others. I believe this should be a place we can come without re-hashing the debacle that was the recent presidential election. There are enough problems in the city to consider without having to bring up what is happening on the federal level. There are plenty of other sites where either side can vent their spleen. Leave it out of this one.


  8. and one more anon………..Sarcasm is my second language……..and getting older is not making me exactly wiser when dealing with Dearborn Hts and govt. I knew the first mayor Canfield, and watched Dearborn Hts grow. Now it has stopped growing, it seems to be ‘regressing’.

    It needs a Trump type person in charge , to get things done, and for the residents , which seems to be lacking right now in DH. Dearborn also suffers , but at least they listen to the residents, and make you feel ‘good’ when they waste our taxpayer money….the waste in DH is tough because it is waste, and it makes the residents feel ‘useless’….. Time for a change in 2017…..


  9. DR……..Amend the IT contract to include the website. How difficult can that be? It is hard to imagine anyone writing up an IT contract and excluding the city website…..


  10. The mayor doesn’t just restrict the part time staff, he restricts everyone. It’s not as if he would receive a letter from Hicks-Clayton, (or even an e-mail from a department director) smack his forehead with his hand and say, “gosh, I didn’t realize this should be done! I better get on this right away because I really value meaningful communication! The well-being of residents and city staff is always first on my agenda!” In case you have trouble understanding the subtext of this post, Mr. Jacobsen, please be aware that sarcasm is actually my native tongue. As I said in a previous post, please make your suggestions within the reality that exists in city hall.


  11. DR. …… if Dearborn Hts does not have an IT contract with Dearborn , that is great news!

    Why? DH can go to any number of IT specialists, who don’t charge very much, say $55 an hour, and doing website work does not involve many hours at all, just modify existing templates, which is what DH has already done in the first place. The site just needs about 3-4 hours of ‘tweaks’.

    I have an IT dept that gets help once in awhile , so if you need names of locals who can easily do the work, send a note…..


  12. Lee

    They didn’t contract with Dearborn to fix the Website as I’ve said before that is not part of the contract Dearborn Heights has with Dearborn. The reason for this is because we have an administration that doesn’t like technology. We have an administration that does everything it can to NOT communicate with the residents. We have an administration and some members of council who go out of their way to make sure the residents are not informed. The City of
    Dearborn Heights does not have an IT department or IT people part-time or full-time there is NO TIME spent on this at all. Those departments that do have a page on the City website are putting up what every they want for that department’s page. There isn’t a person they can contact to say hey I need this added to my page. Can’t wait for 2017 #wedeservebetter


  13. and one more anon……….Fixing a website……does it have to be so hard? From what I understand, and correct me if I am wrong, Dearborn Hts contracted with Dearborn to improve DH’s website. The contract should define the terms. DH either has a IT group, or they don’t. The service is either paid for, or it is not.
    It seems obvious that DH’s IT folk should be contacting Dearborn’s IT folk, and work out a plan. If DH restricts their part timers , well, time to unrestrict them. The Mayor can do that, right? Hicks-Clayton can send an email to the DH Mayor, or copy this one , and get the ‘fixing’ of Dearborn Hts website off of the fence. Last resort…..send the Mayor a ‘registered letter’. Then you know he at least got a message…..


  14. And just who do you think should be meeting with Dearborn to discuss this? The people who have the authority to negotiate such issues are precisely the people who are standing in the way. Maybe you think one of the low-level part time clerks in Dbn Hts should pick up the phone, call the Dearborn mayor and say, “hey, Jack why aren’t your IT staff more responsive to our needs?” Staff are severely curtailed in the steps they can take.
    You obviously have no understanding of the division of authority within the Dbn Hts structure. The Council can approve funding, but they are prohibited from conducting any of the administrative functions in the running of the city. Therefore Hicks-Clayton could never be in a position to send that email or document you suggest.
    Of course, by voting yes or no to funding they can provide a check and balance to what the mayor wants to do, but they aren’t (and can’t be) involved in the day to day running of the city. Maybe the brilliant, albeit simplistic, suggestions you always seem to come up with ought to be made within the context of the reality that exists in city hall.


  15. and one more anon”……..since the city halls of both Dearborn and Dbn Hts are what? 2-3 miles apart, why not just arrange a meeting at Dearborn’s new city hall and talk face-to-face about the lack of web site repair service.

    Dearborn Hts wants the service. They want a website that works at least as well as Dearborn’s. Dearborn can provide it, if they know what Dearborn Hts wants, which means the ball is in Dearborn Hts corner. DH needs to send an email, a document of some sort telling Dearborn what they want, and who to work with. Is it Hicks -Clayton? Perhaps while she is there, she can clear up the 911 dispatch matter, which was just discussed again at a town hall meeting in Dearborn Wed night.


  16. Mr. Jacobsen,

    If Dearborn Hts. “can’t manage to pick up a phone and call Dearborn”, it’s because Dearborn is in charge of city hall’s phone system which is routinely inoperable. The calls in and out of city hall aren’t life-threatening but the 911 calls will be.


  17. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. The residents signed petitions, had meetings, information shared. The residents who made themselves aware of this 911 change did all they could to stop the action. From what I have noted, it seems the Mayor “fooled” our council (remember Lisa Hicks-Clayton voted NO, Dave Abdullah kept questioning the purpose of the letter of Intent). We the People have spoken. Not only the Dearborn Heights Residents, but the informed of Dearborn, as well. Mayor Paletko had decided long ago that this was going to be a done deal. Now that the program has been put into motion, our dispatchers are aware of their last days of employment, and now money appropriated to Dearborn, what can we do to stop the activity? We have done all we can do to show we don’t want this, but our pleas have gone on deaf ears. This seems illegal, as well as shady. What can we do now? Mayor, stop this! We don’t want it! Even the residents of Dearborn don’t want it! Are there any legal avenues we can follow? I am so very disappointed in the Mayor’s behavior. We have one more city council meeting before the end of the year. I can see it all now, the Mayor standing on his soap box delivering his speech, the well known speech telling council that it has to be quickly approved, fast, there will be no back up plan. Sound familiar? How much can we take from this administration?


  18. I like your final solution. Just let it happen. Dearborn has many successful projects, what are your specific concerns with 911.? Dearborn Hts can’t seem to dial a phone number to Dearborn in order to improve their website with Dearborn’s help.

    I ask around at Dearborn city hall about 911, they seem to be on track, whatever that means. Dearborn Hts experts need to get some reassurance , at least according to you.

    I would start with free cans of spray paint to get rid of the ‘blue’ trash cans.


  19. I could just cry. I am telling the City Council I don’t want Dearborn to handle our 911. If you don’t vote the way we want then don’t bother to run for council next time. The votes won’t be there for you because you are not there for us…Thank you to the ones who did vote in favor of keeping our 911.


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